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Extra Life Podcast Episode 006: The Lost Episode


It's time to reach into the past and pull out our lost June Episode. Recorded, but never released until now this episode is chock full of things from June. Sit back and relax, there are some surprises in there along with much vaguebooking. So very much vaguebooking.

In this month's podcast

  • Mike learns Gum etiquette.
  • Rick breaks down all the community and Guild changes the team has been working on.
  • Mike Talks about all the things coming up for Extra Life this summer. With much Vague booking.
  • Rick, Mike and Jeromy can't figure out what to share and what not to share.
  • Liz has the final word. Mostly.

Note: A portion of this episode involves a "thing" happening in February. This is  Extra Life United 2016. There will not be an ELU in 2015. As our organization has moved the annual Momentum conference and celebration of our champions to February, we felt holding a stand alone Extra Life United wouldn't have the same impact. A large part of the success and impact of ELU was getting to meet the kids we play for. Taking that element away would have seriously diminished the event.

We'll share full details when we have them. We just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the change.

Download the file here. Extra Life Podcast: Ep. 06

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