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Extra Life at E3 2017: Day Five

Jack Gardner



The second official day of E3 has come and gone (after a few unofficial days, that is)! We've been doing daily recaps of the action leading up to the show and we'll be doing the same for the show itself, so tune in to the Facebook Live broadcast or catch it later via other channels. You'll get a great rundown of what it is like to cover E3 along with the news of the day as told by the talented bunch of people we've collected to cover the year's biggest gaming trade show. 


Day five didn't have the major announcements, but instead we buckled down and saw the games. Super secret projects, major names, and indie games galore were found in droves at the show! Jack Gardner, Marcus Stewart, Naomi Lugo, and Aiden Strawhun cover the basic, need-to-know announcements from the day.


Kick back, relax, and enjoy the show with us!


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