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Jack Gardner
After concluding their encounter with the deranged elf, Grimoire, the party recovers in the aftermath, contemplating the strange test he put them through. The trio relate some of their adventures to their rescued companions and affirm their intentions to break their captured allies out of South Gate Prison. However, one more secret resides beneath The Halfway Inn. A mysterious and powerful magic waits beneath the inn, nestled in with the carnage and rubble. 
We Wanted Adventurers is a liveplay Dungeons & Dragons podcast that follows a motley trio of unlikely heroes as they bumble into adventures both big and small across the fantastical continent of Nevarrone. For the uninitiated, a liveplay podcast features an unscripted recording of a traditional tabletop roleplaying game, with all of the goofs and drama that comes with the territory.

"Industrial Music Box"
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You can download or listen to the podcast over on Soundcloud, our hosting site, and iTunes. You can follow the show on Twitter for updates. Let us know what you think of the show! 
New episodes of We Wanted Adventurers will be released every Wednesday
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Jack Gardner
Earlier this month, Ashley Gorecki toured Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. While there had been many changes in the years since she had last walked those halls, the place still held a special place in her heart. She lives in a different state now, but she's never forgotten the hospital that saved her life.
When she was four years old, Gorecki spent 18 weeks with doctors scrambling to diagnose her affliction. As her condition worsened, doctors finally discovered that she had a condition called Septic Arthritic Hip and sent her in for immediate surgery. She doesn't remember much from that time, not the surgery or much more than bits and pieces from the recovery. However, she treasures memories of the time she spent playing in the halls of the hospital, riding around with her mother, and the view of the sunny sands and beaches from the play area on the rooftop. Above all, Goreck recalls the care she received from the doctors at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital. With their help, she was able to endure and thrive in the hospital following her surgery, the time she spent under the care of an at-home nurse, and wearing the "dolphin box" - an IV pack that made squeaking noises.
"I was a sick kid," she explained, "but I was still able to be a kid."
Life has taken Gorecki interesting places. She now works as a graphic designer and uses her spare time to create arts and crafts. She felt inspired by her grandmother, a skilled seamstress that left her in awe. Under the tutelage of her grandmother, she learned the ins and outs of sewing machines and learned how to crochet from her aunt. Her mother passed on her enthusiasm for crafting by handmaking the majority of their Christmas ornaments as well as a passion for painting. In high school, she picked up photography, a skill that has stuck with her ever since. All of that has now come together in a brand called A Hare Affair, a handmade crafting circle that aims to pass on a bit of Gorecki's passion to the rest of the world. She does this through her Twitch channel where she streams her artistic endeavors and brings other crafters together from across the planet.   

"I was raised by a mother who never stopped giving, even if it was all she had. As I got older, I continued to want to do something for the hospital that helped my family so much," says Gorecki. "We watched all the telethons while I was growing up and I had grand plans for doing something to help other kids who are going through what I went through." That attitude brought her to a place where she uses her platform as a crafting livestreamer to raise money for Extra Life. So far, under her streamer name, AHareAffair, Gorecki has raised almost $4,500 for the kids at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital. In 2019 alone, she's sitting at an incredible $2,815 as the captain of her Extra Life team, The Carrot Patch!
You can support Gorecki and the kids at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital by donating to her AHareAffair Extra Life fundraiser.
"Thank you from the bottom of my heart, the tip of my crochet hook, and from the big dent in my left hip! Let’s do something good together!" - Ashley Gorecki
Remember, you can be a hero like Ashley by signing up for Extra Life today and helping sick and injured kids in hospitals across the US and Canada!

Jack Gardner
Back in August of 2018, I put together a short campaign with Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition called Dragonguard as a part of Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Weekend. For Game Day 2018, we released a second set of episodes and followed it up with a third and fourth set continuing the adventure. The last series of episodes ended on something of a cliffhanger, but now we can finally present the fifth set of episodes as we near the finale! Join Naomi Lugo (Nomsooni the druid), Marcus Stewart (Scratch Mangy the ranger), and Kyle Gaddo (Barphus the bard) as they don the armor of the illustrious Dragonguard, sworn to defend and protect the realm of Alterra from the dragons at its doorstep. Jack Gardner serves as the Dungeon Master, guiding our heroes through their journey.
Dispatched to the small town of Verne, the party began investigating rumors of draconic activity in the area. Learning of a kobold encampment deep within the Morrithil Wastes, they made their way into the vast swampland only to find a largely abandoned village built in the shadow of an ominous dragon skeleton. Encountering a number of old and infirm kobolds in the heart of the town, our heroes learned of an impending attack led by the vengeful dragon, Fallowfell. In an effort to convince Sir Rothurt, Verne's leader, to take the threat seriously, the party made an attempt to rescue his recently kidnapped son, Charles. Risking life and limb, they were able to save Charles only to be met with the awful revelation that Fallowfell had allies in the town itself. Now, Nomsooni, Barphus, and Scratch attempt to consolidate their power in the areas outside of Verne only to find themselves in ever-deepening danger from draconic evils, cunning opportunists, mystical threats, and (of course) themselves. The danger only increases when the party consult the wise oracle they had rescued from the dragon's forces, uncovering its secret identity and perhaps a means of thwarting its plans. 
If you want to get a sense of how great a time tabletop roleplaying can be, you're invited to enjoy the adventure along with us. Here's to the amazing things the gaming community accomplished in 2018 and to the even greater things we will all do together in the years to come! You can listen to the new episodes below or start at the beginning with this handy SoundCloud playlist. 



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Intro and Outro music:
"Furious Freak"
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You can download or listen to the podcast over on Soundcloud, our hosting site, and iTunes. A YouTube version is available as well.
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Jack Gardner
As the school season comes to a close, millions of kids across the United States prepare for a summer of relaxation following their graduation. Those children look forward to playing with their friends outside, having time to brush up on their Fortnite skills, and going off to various camps and retreats. Graduation season stands out as a wonderful time in their lives. However, as one group of kids move up in grade or don caps and gowns, another group prepares for a very different kind of graduation that ends with the ringing of a bell. 
Kids who enter Children's Miracle Network Hospitals for cancer treatment face a long and difficult battle toward the day they can leave and live their lives cancer-free. When the doctors caring for these children believe they have sufficiently recovered, they are led to a bell to ring in the end of their difficult journey and the beginning of a cancer-less life. The bell ringing tradition dates back to 1996 when it was begun by United States Navy Rear Admiral Irve Le Moyne. Le Moyne installed a brass bell in the center where he was receiving treatment for the cancer that eventually overtook him a year later. The bells that began appearing in cancer wards after his passing included an inscription with a short poem by the late Le Moyne:
Ringing Out
Ring this bell
Three times well
It’s toll to clearly say,
My treatment’s done
This course is run
And I am on my way!
These moments, kids ringing bells to announce their recovery, straddle the line between being heartwarming and heart-wrenching. No child should have to go through cancer treatment. However, we should celebrate when kids recover from battles with serious illnesses. Here are just a few of the kids graduating from their treatments and partaking in the ringing of the bell with all of the joy in their hearts on display.
Benjamin Burke
Benjamin was diagnosed with leukemia shortly after his seventh birthday. While battling his cancer, he spent time raising money to help others like himself. He and his family started a “lemonaid” stand and have raised over $100,000 to help other kids struggling to recover from cancer at the Ann & Rover H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. After three and a half years of treatment, Benjamin finally got to ring the bell at the end of April. He’s continuing to fight for other kids by becoming a national ambassador for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.
Grace Griffin
St. Louis Children’s Hospital helped Grace through her treatment for a cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. It’s one of the most common forms of cancer in children, but that didn’t make Grace’s fight against it any easier. Traci Griffin, Grace’s mom, talked about her daughter’s journey saying, “The treatments for Grace are sometimes very brutal, sometimes very painful. She’s often not feeling well, like most kids on chemo, but she’s been extremely, extremely strong and brave throughout this whole process.” Despite the hardships, Grace fought hard and even continued attending school. Her chances of remaining cancer free are, in the words of her doctor, “very, very high.”
Dylan Pogodzinski
At 4 years old, Dylan was diagnosed with an extremely rare type of cancer called Burkitt’s lymphoma. It’s one of the scariest kinds of cancer out there, with tumors capable of doubling in size every 48 hours. Luckily, the Pogodzinski family were able to take Dylan to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. The doctors were able to make a correct diagnosis and immediately start Dylan on an intensive regimen of chemotherapy for the next five months. While he still receives monthly checkups, he was officially declared cancer-free in February and is now back attending kindergarten, happy and healthy.
Peyton Richardson
After Texas Children’s Hospital diagnosed Peyton with acute lymphocytic leukemia in 2015, she began a long and difficult journey. It took her over two years of treatment for Peyton to get her chance to ring the bell. “You all were my best friends throughout all of this. I just love you all so much and I’m so thankful for you guys,” she said before ringing the bell while onlookers gathered to support her had tears in their eyes. “I think it will take a little bit to sink in that I’m done, I’m finished. I’m glad, I’m happy I’m done.”
To help more kids reach their graduations from treatment and ring their bells, please sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals across the US and Canada!

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