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Jack Gardner
Star Wars Celebration has a long history of revealing major upcoming games set in the Star Wars universe. That makes sense; after all, it's the largest gathering of Star Wars fans which makes them the group most likely to be interested in a Star Wars video game. In recent years, EA has used the event as a springboard for launching the hype machines for its line of Star Wars Battlefront titles - and now it appears that it will be doing the same for the upcoming game developed by Respawn: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. 

In the lead up to Star Wars Celebration 2019, it was revealed that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be make its more detailed debut this Saturday at 11:30am PT. However, a now defunct Amazon t-shirt listing leaked the poster design a day early, giving us one of the first looks at what we should be expecting from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Spotted by the eagle eyes of Twitter user Wario64, the listing read, "This official Jedi Fallen Order teaser poster has just been revealed at Star Wars Celebration Chicago and the tee shirt is now available, hot off the press, right here on Amazon!" You can view the entire image below:
The image doesn't give us much to go on. We see what is presumably the protagonist holding a blue lightsaber while standing dramatically next to what appears to be a tiny Metal Gear with either a lightsaber of its own or (more likely) firing a small laser. The pair stand on a rocky planet with running water separating them from a massive crashed frigate. Their crashed vessel or perhaps a spaceship looms in the background while up in the sky a formation of TIE fighters close in on the scene. This does seem to confirm that the game will take place during the modern Star Wars timeline rather than the prequel series or the universe fleshed out in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. 
Not much is currently known about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order other than the ongoing debate about where the colon in the title should be. The game was announced almost during what might best be described as a throwaway moment during EA's E3 presentation last year. During a cutaway to Respawn's co-founder (and co-creator of Call of Duty) Vince Zampella, a couple facts about the game were confirmed. Zampella stated that players will be able to use a lightsaber - confirmed by the leaked image. The release window for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has been set for this coming holiday season.
Thus far, no platforms have been confirmed, so we will have to wait for the full reveal on Saturday at 11:30am PT for those details and perhaps a more specific release date. 
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Jack Gardner
Covered in the viscera of extradimensional beings, our heroes trudge back to Dub-Lin to receive their just rewards from the enigmatic Auntie Darling. 
We Wanted Adventurers is a liveplay Dungeons & Dragons podcast that follows a motley trio of unlikely heroes as they bumble into adventures both big and small across the fantastical continent of Nevarrone. For the uninitiated, a liveplay podcast features an unscripted recording of a traditional tabletop roleplaying game, with all of the goofs and drama that comes with the territory.

"Tenebrous Brothers Carnival - Mermaid"
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
You can download or listen to the podcast over on Soundcloud, our hosting site, and iTunes. You can follow the show on Twitter for updates. Let us know what you think of the show! 
New episodes of We Wanted Adventurers will be released every Wednesday
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Jack Gardner
The solo indie developer that goes by bcubedlabs has returned. After an impressive showing with The Onus Helm's Kickstarter demo early last year failed to gain crowdfunding traction, bcubedlabs hit the drawing board. They have finally returned with their next project, an action-oriented boss rush game titled Far Blade.
Unlike The Onus Helm, Far Blade has launched on itch.io for $5.99, allowing players to support the developer while the project finishes and reaches full retail readiness. Admittedly, bcubedlabs makes it clear that a considerable amount of work still needs to be done, like completing the design of all seven hand-crafted boss encounters. The current build possesses finalized mechanics and camera control, so while much of it remains to be completed, the basics are all in place. It seems like the intent with Far Blade is to see it through to the end without relying on crowdfunding; meaning that the finished project will actually see the light of day. 
Far Blade tells the story of a lone adventurer who must fight seven huge creatures while exploring an unknown corner of the world. The story has been left deliberately vague to serve as the central mystery of the title. As players explore and conquer their foes, bits of the story will come together to form a larger whole. It seems like this might take a bit of conjecture, but many people have excelled at parsing that sort of storytelling in recent years. It should be easy to recognize several different influences at work in the basic mechanics and ideas behind Far Blade like The Legend of Zelda, Shadow of the Colossus, Dark Souls, and more modern pixel action-adventure games like Hyper Light Drifter. 
While the boss design and environments undergo polishing, the striking aesthetic has been drawing many eyes to Far Blade. Bcubedlabs has been working on the project alone and developed a new technique that creates 3D models in a pixelated style, making camera movement possible without remaking the art for all the different angles shown. It manages to somehow look a bit like a beautiful version of an N64 game, straddling the line between two very different retro aesthetics in a way that few titles can. At the moment, Far Blade makes use of royalty free music, but depending on how well the game does in these early development days, bcubedlabs intends to hire a composer for a personalized soundtrack. 
So far only PC platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux) have been confirmed for the final version of the game. However, Far Blade includes built-in support for Xbox controllers, meaning that a console port could very well be a possibility in the future. 
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Jack Gardner
Resident. Evil. Shinji Mikami's debut survival horror game that single-handedly invented the entire genre in 1996. Since then, it has been retooled and rereleased numerous times throughout the years, culminating in the release of the 2002 GameCube remake that overhauled the graphics, added new mechanics and enemies along with a few special secrets. That version has stood the test of time so well that an HD version was ported to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2015.  
What makes Resident Evil worthy of decades of rereleases and ports? Is Resident Evil one of the best games of all-time?
To help us answer this question, we are joined by the excellent Kazuma Hashimoto (who previously came on to discuss Catherine and Resident Evil 4). Be sure to follow him on twitter: @JusticeKazzy_
Each week we will be tackling a video game, old or new, that at least one of us believes deserves to stand as one of the greatest games of all time. We'll dive into its history, development, and gameplay, while trying to argue for or against the game of the week. Sometimes we will be in harmonious agreement, other times we might be fighting a bitter battle to the very end. However each episode shakes out, we hope that everyone who listens will find the show entertaining and informative.

Outro music: Shadow of the Colossus 'For Her Soul' by RoeTaKa (http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03791)
You can download or listen to the podcast over on Soundcloud, our hosting site, and iTunes. A YouTube version is available, as well!
If you want to have your opinion heard on air, share your opinion in the comments, follow the show on Twitter, and participate in the weekly polls: @BestGamesPeriod 
New episodes of The Best Games Period will be released every Monday
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