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Jack Gardner
Coming next month, Rememoried provides a deep, cerebral dive into the area that divides memories and dreams. While stargazing, you've fallen asleep and stumbled across a doorway to that in-between space. In that mysterious world, reality slowly unravels and pushes you to know the unknown. In the strange place of memory and dream, forgetting is the main mechanic that often provides the only way forward. Forgetting comes with a price, shifting reality and dreams. With arresting visuals and music from Bach and Beethoven, this unique adventure comes from Hangonit, a one-man indie studio. 
Hangonit has also released the feature list, which includes the following:
– varied environments 
– living entities 
– more than 20 levels 
– electronic and classic music 
– spoken and written word 
– gamepad support 

Rememoried releases on August 31 for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Jack Gardner
While more information is promised to be forthcoming when Gamescom gets underway next week, for now we know that Techland's Dying Light: The Following will be including driveable vehicles and will be standalone, meaning it can be bought separately from the core game. The Following will be free for all Season Pass holders when it releases. The game will be shown at Gamescom, but people will have to wait until shortly after the behind-closed-doors reveal to see it in action for themselves. The only glimpse of the expansion that players are able to have at the moment is in the two screenshots below and the several seconds teasing the expansion from the video Techland released last week commemorating their half-year of content support for Dying Light. Skip to 2:10 if you'd like to see the teaser.

It seems like Techland is treating The Following almost more like a sequel than an expansion. For one thing, Tymon Smektala, the producer of The Following had this to say about the map size and player feedback, “For Dying Light: The Following we’re adding a number of bold game-changers to create one massive expansion. Something big that will give the game a brand-new flavor. The new map alone is the same size as all the previous maps from Dying Light combined, so there is a lot we’re packing in here. We also kept a close eye on player feedback to help tailor what we’ve created here. Hopefully people will see that this new expansion is first and foremost, for the fans.” Not only is the map larger than what was offered in the core Dying Light campaign, but I'm hopeful for a meatier story as well. In my review of the core game, the narrative was one of my primary points of contention. Techland has stated that it sees The Following as a story-driven expansion full of new features. Hopefully it can provide a more interesting narrative direction for the burgeoning franchise while letting its stellar mechanics shine. 

Jack Gardner
Ten years after its release for PlayStation 2, Legend of Kay is making its way to modern consoles with a slew of visual upgrades and features. The action-platformer centers around Kay, a talented, young martial artist who sets off on a journey to overthrow the Din, a coalition of gorillas and rats that have taken control of Yenching and now rule the island with draconian efficiency. As Kay, players must master the sword, hammer, and claw fighting styles and techniques in order to triumph over the forces of evil. Many players remember Legend of Kay for its combat and pop-culture references. 
The updated anniversary edition for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360, and PC includes improved, hi-res textures, new character models, improved rendering, and surround sound support. Online rankings have also been added for various core game accomplishments and mini-games such as dragon flying, wolf riding, and boar racing. These are added on top of the previous 25 levels, 15 enemy types, and boss battles that made the original popular enough for a remaster. Legend of Kay Anniversary is available now.

Jack Gardner
Brazilian indie studio Cyber Rhino Studios has released a gameplay trailer for their upcoming shoot 'em up Gryphon Knight Epic. As Sir Oliver and Áquila, players must face off against hordes of deadly, enchanted enemies. The onslaught of magical foes is backed by other talented knights and their own special steeds, complete with potent abilities. Much like a Mega Man adventure, defeating these riders will give the player access to their weapons. In addition to new weapon types, players will be able to find potions and squires to help them on their way to defeat the fantastical threat facing their kingdom.
Honestly, Gryphon Knight Epic looks like the kind of game that would have done really well as a Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis title. It definitely looks like the kind of game I would have rented from a video rental store (remember those?) and never been able to beat. Maybe this is the next Shovel Knight?  

Gryphon Knight Epic will be releasing on August 20 for PC, Mac, and Linux.

It’s finally here. The day you’ve been waiting on for months. Your gaming frenzy. Your chance to act like a giddy teenager and play video games for hours on end. You haven’t been able to do this since college, but at last you’ve got permission from your spouse and by golly you’re going to do it. 24 hours of pure bliss. No kids, no interruptions. It’s just you and your pixels on a mission to fill your face with more gaming than you can handle. So, are you interested in doing it right? You should be. Why? Because gaming for hours on end, despite how fun it may be, can be hazardous to your health if you don’t do it the right way - the healthy way. 
Marathon video game sessions can come in many different flavors. Maybe it’s a game launch for a title you’ve been excited about for years. Maybe you’re part of a hardcore squad of raiders that wants to race to attain the “server first” title on newly released content. Or maybe you’re like me and you participate in charity marathons for your favorite cause. Whatever your motivation may be, video game marathons are definitely a thing and they’re not going away any time soon.
If you’ve followed my exploits at all, you probably know I’m a huge supporter of the Extra Life charity. Extra Life is a non-profit run through the Children’s Miracle Network. Basically, it’s a 24-hour gaming marathon held each year where you gather sponsors, participate in the marathon and raise money to benefit your chosen Children’s Hospital. Extra Life is no joke. As a matter of fact, in 2013 alone over $4 million was raised for the kids. It’s an absolutely amazing charity run by even more amazing people. Over the years, I’ve escalated my participation quite a bit. One visit to the hospital to see the kids absolutely sealed the deal for me. I will be a supporter for years to come.
The marathons can certainly be a blast, but there are some inherent dangers of which you should be aware. There have been a few cases of actual deaths occurring from long periods of gameplay. Sitting for long periods of time have been linked to the formation of deep-vein thrombosis that can result in heart attacks, strokes and pulmonary emboli. Simply put, the lack of movement can cause the blood to form clots in your vessels. These clots can travel to vital organs and cause fatal blockages. This process can be even more dangerous when coupled with a poor diet and a lack of hydration. This can impact gamers in particular due to our sometimes blind ambition to play our favorite games for hours on end and our consumption of crappy fuels and energy drinks.
Let’s visit some ways to enjoy your extended gaming sessions without endangering yourself.
EAT CLEAN: Eating clean foods while you are gaming will not only provide natural sources of energy to fuel your game, but it will also increase your visual acuity and reaction time. So when you need to land that perfect combination to take down the boss, the right food can certainly help. What kinds of foods are we talking about? Here’s a quick synopsis:

VEGGIE UP: The bulk of your food intake for your gaming marathon should be in the form of vegetables, a little bit of fruit, lean proteins and a bit of good fats.

NATURAL CARBOHYDRATES ARE BEST: Stay away from carbohydrates in the form of breads, pasta and rice. They will cause your insulin levels to spike and make you tired and groggy. That’s exactly what you don’t want in the middle of a boss-fight.

NO SIMPLE SUGARS: Stay away from things like candy, cakes, muffins, ice cream, pies and sodas. They may give you a moment of elation, but soon you’ll be head-bobbing and risking impact with your forehead to your keyboard.

FRESH FOODS ARE BEST: Try eating fresh foods like raw carrots, celery, apples, sliced bell peppers, etc. Fresh foods not only pack the biggest nutritional punch, but the crunch helps to keep your mouth interested.

EAT SMALLER QUANTITIES: One key point to make is that smaller quantities of foods can also keep you from getting full and feeling tired. Your body will process smaller meals more effectively, especially with the lack of exercise you’re undoubtedly getting during your marathon!
  PREPARE MEALS AHEAD OF TIME: Don’t wait until the day of your marathon to start thinking about what you’re going to eat. Chances are you’ll go for the easy stuff- the crap. Prepare the day before so you’re ready to roll. Here’s a great combination of fuel sources to try as meals during your gaming frenzy.

Fix a small plate of pear slices, baby tomatoes, carrot slices, broccoli, beef jerky and a handful of roasted almonds. If you prepare several plastic containers with this combination (or mix up different veggies and fruits), you can grab them on the quick, eat them at your gaming station and stay fueled properly. You can also prepare healthy soups, casseroles and mixes that you can quickly heat up and get back in the game.
  WATER IS YOUR BEST FRIEND: Don’t kill the messenger. But you definitely want to keep away from sodas, juices and one of the biggest culprits of dehydration, energy drinks. In small doses, caffeine isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For example, coffee is actually recommended and can have positive health benefits like lowering your risk of diabetes, upping your mood, and decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. But energy drinks are known to pack a huge dose of caffeine and other diuretics such as taurine, ephedrine, guarana, and ginseng. These additives act as stimulants, increasing the effects of caffeine and throwing your body into high gear. These ingredients activate the body’s sympathetic response (also known as “fight or flight”) and contribute significantly to dehydration. So keep away from poor choices of liquids and fuel your body with cool, refreshing water, nature’s hydrating nectar.

Another beverage to stay away from: Alcohol. As much as we all love to swig a good micro-brew while we’re gaming, there’s really no place for them in a gaming marathon. They’re going to bog you down, dull your senses and slow your precious gaming reflexes.
  GET UP AND MOVE BLOOD: Welcome to my Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) avoidance program. It’s a simple concept, just get up and circulate some blood. When you game for hours on end, your blood can begin to clot in the dependent areas. For example, your butt. When your bottom is compressed in a chair, it becomes difficult for blood to circulate in those areas and it has a tendency to begin the clotting process. When you move around or stand up, the clots can then become lodged in vital organs and cause severe damage, even death in some cases.

So how do you avoid it? Every hour, pause your game, stand up and do one or all of the following:


• Ceiling Reach: Reach your hands high above your head toward the ceiling and hold for a few seconds.
• Toe-Touch: Keeping your hands outstretched, slowly bring them down and touch your toes (or get as close as you can), holding this position for 15-30 seconds.
• Head Roll: Stretch your neck by dropping your chin to your chest and slowly rolling your head in a clockwise direction. After a full clockwise rotation, reverse directions.
• Quad Stretch: While standing up, bend one leg and grasp your lower shin with your hand. You can balance yourself by holding onto your chair or the wall with your free hand. Make sure your knees are together, then gently apply pressure to feel the stretch in your quad. Hold this position for 15-20 seconds, then switch legs.


• Jumping-Jacks: Not difficult to do these, as we’ve all had to do them in physical education class. Get up and rip out 20.
• Push-ups: In a plank position (face down, arms outstretched and supporting your body weight), lower yourself to the ground until your chest is touching the ground, then push yourself back up. Too tough? Drop your knees to the ground to support more of your weight and try again. Do as many as you can continuously until you fatigue. Don’t worry if you can only do a few, you’re still moving blood!
• Squats: With feet shoulder-width apart, sit back on your heels and lower your body into a squat position. Keep your chest and head up and your torso tight. Don’t worry if you can only go down half-way. Do 10-20 of these.
• Burpees: One of the most effective ways to move your blood. From a standing position, drop down into a lower push-up position (chest and hips on the ground). Push yourself up off the ground and spring your body into a stable, semi-squat position. Then spring into a standing position, causing a small jump as you straighten your body and clap your hands above your head. That’s one. Do 5 of these.
• Walk or jog: Take a few minutes and go for a walk or a jog around the block. Heck, grab your dog- chances are they’ll be sore at you for being a lazy lump, anyway. Even a short walk down the block and back will circulate your blood and wake you up. If you’re ambitious, turn that walk into a trot for an even better effect. 

Choose a few of the stretches and a couple of the exercises and perform them every hour or two during your marathon (or do them all for the maximum effect). They not only keep the blood moving correctly, but they will refresh and reset your body when you start to get tired. This is a critical step in maintaining your body while you game. Take care of your rig, it’s the only one you’ve got!
  TAKE A BREAK: At some point during your virtual onslaught, your eyes are going to want a rest, as well as your body. So remember to step away from the controller every once in a while. If you are doing the stretching and moving routine detailed above, that will work just fine. Another tip is to focus your eyes on a distant target for a time. When you’ve been staring at a monitor for hours at close range, your eyes will appreciate the break.
  TAKE A NAP: Here’s the deal. If you are head-bobbing at the keyboard, your body is telling you something. Take heed of your body’s built-in queues and take a nap. Nobody’s going to fault you for stealing some quick zzz’s and if they’re doing the same marathon, they’d be smart to follow suit. I’m all for being heroic and displaying some bravado, but I’d rather do it on the virtual field of battle than forcing myself to stay awake when my body is screaming for a break. Set your alarm and take a 20-30 minute nap during your marathon. It will work wonders.
  TAKE A SHOWER: As a part of my routine when I game for hours upon hours, I always take a short break and grab a shower. The mental and physical refresh is incredibly effective when you’re getting tired. Want a real zinger? Take a cold one.
  STAY SOCIALLY ACTIVE: A definite “must” when gaming all day and all night is to not go it alone. Surround yourself with the voices of your comrades-at-arms via voice chat. Even better, have your local buddies do the marathon with you at the house. The live support helps immensely during those late night hours. Focus on group content. That way when your buddies see your character repeatedly bouncing off the wall, they’ll know you need some support staying awake.
  PREPARE YOUR GAME SPACE: Make sure your gaming area is ready for your marathon. Clean the area so it’s free of unnecessary debris, stock your mini-fridge and fluff your favorite back-support pillow. Assure the lighting is adequate and the air flow allows for good ventilation. Nobody wants to game in a dingy, spore-filled dungeon.
  KNOW YOUR LIMITS: Gaming for long periods of time can be difficult. There may come a time during your marathon when you just can’t go any more. The smartest, healthiest choice to make in this situation is to know when enough is enough. Take a breather, get some sleep, or go for a walk. Step away from the keyboard. You can always come back to your game later, when you’re more rested. It takes a big person to admit defeat, but it takes a smart person to know when safety should outweigh bravado.  
Hopefully these tips and tricks can set you on the path to success as you embark on this challenge. Gaming marathons are tough on your mind and body but if you’re like me, you still love them. Especially if you’re gaming for a cause. Just remember that your health and safety are most important. Implementing some, if not all of these healthy gaming tactics can certainly elongate your game, keep you limber, fueled and ready for pure gaming euphoria. Good luck, soldier.
This post was authored by Extra Life community member and the founder of MOG Nation Gaming, Mike "Kash" Liberto. Thank you very much, Mike!
Any other Extra Lifers out there with some writing skills and a good idea? Read our article about how to become a guest author and start submitting today!

Jack Gardner
Welcome back to Daventry, a kingdom of knights and dragons, where heroes are forged and stories are woven from their deeds. While the watercolor world initially appears to be ageless, a place where Graham, a would-be knight and future king of Daventry, might go on adventures endlessly, we are slowly introduced to the idea that nothing remains forever. A Knight to Remember challenges the assumption that a game has to be dark and gritty to be able to convey mature themes and messages. Yes, there are many light-hearted moments, but the game carries with it a much wider range of expression than just smiles and sunshine. Developer The Odd Gentlemen knows there are times for danger, suspense, and meaningful moments alongside laughter and goofiness.
The episodic version of King’s Quest takes place within a framed narrative where an old King Graham tells his granddaughter Gwendolyn stories about the various adventures he’s embarked on throughout his life. Players take direct control of Graham in the stories, wandering Daventry and completing various puzzles. How players choose to solve the various problems in each of the stories, which are conveniently separated into the individual chapters, teaches Gwendolyn how to deal with problems in her own life. It is an uncommon structure and The Odd Gentlemen use it to great effect. If Graham gets burned to a crisp or falls off a cliff, the story will briefly pull out to old King Graham and Gwendolyn with an accompanying joke or quip before returning to the story shortly before the misstep. At no point does the player control Gwendolyn. Instead, players watch as she learns from how they chose to proceed in Graham’s story and puts those lessons into action in her own life.

I’m not going to ruin any of the jokes in A Knight to Remember, but prepare yourself for puns. I have never heard so many puns in one piece of media before. It was simultaneously delightful and groan-inducing. I loved it. Many of the puns stem from interacting with objects in the environment repeatedly. Creative director Matt Korba managed to assemble a dream team of voice actors, including Christopher Lloyd, the voice of old King Graham. He delivers puns and wordplay with a suitably dignified and kindly air, at times sounding like a child being allowed to get away with something naughty. There are an astonishing number of lines for even obscure interactions. Seven or eight unique lines of dialogue can be found in some actions, which many players will never even hear or encounter. Beyond Lloyd’s performance, Wallace Shawn is terrific fun as a character very reminiscent of his role as Vizzini in The Princess Bride.
The comparison between Telltale’s adventure games and the latest outing from The Odd Gentlemen is too obvious to ignore. At a glance they might seem similar, but there are a number of subtle differences that make King’s Quest feel unique. Since the success of The Walking Dead Season One, Telltale’s games have all been for adults, featuring harsh violence, intense language, and traumatizing scenarios. King’s Quest is clearly aimed at both adults and children. It is the kind of game that a family can play together with both kids and adults finding enjoyment for different reasons. There are mature themes and messages in A Knight to Remember, but they are mature themes that can be digested by both the young and the old. Like all classic works of fantasy, King’s Quest isn’t afraid to go dark places amidst its levity. Sinister threads run through the adventure, threads that will probably become more apparent in Chapter 2. Even with that darkness present, King’s Quest is a game about bridge trolls and squirrel-princess friends, where problems solved with a knife can also be solved with a pie.
Beyond tonal differences and a larger intended audience, focusing on the method players choose to use to solve problems is the stroke of genius that truly separates The Odd Gentlemen from Telltale. Players can give advice to Gwendolyn at the beginning of the chapter, but how they proceed, the manner in which they actually play the game is the true choice that will affect how Gwendolyn approaches her problems. There are three core paths: Courage, cleverness, and kindness. Each can be pursued at any given time and lead to vastly different experiences for players. In the first episode, each approach is personified. Courage takes the form of a blacksmith who believes in the hard, straightforward path. The cleverness route appears as an old man and woman who run a magical curio shop. The baker takes on the mantle of kindness, advising players to try to reach hearts instead of relying on their own mind or brave deeds.

I hope it is clear by now that I enjoyed my time adventuring once more in Daventry. However, that is not to say that The Odd Gentlemen didn’t fall short in a few places. There were a number of instances where budget constraints became obvious. Incredibly low resolution textures sometimes made it front and center next to detailed objects and the resulting discrepancy was jarring. This happened a few times and appeared at odds with the rest of the gorgeous, watercolor scenery.
Another area that felt lacking was in basic story structure. Scenes and moments were missing that I am almost sure were cut for budgetary or time restraints. In particular this absence is felt in Gwendolyn’s sections. It felt like there were supposed to be more scenes reflecting her life in the castle, but we have only a few scant glimpses into what she’s worried about. In A Knight to Remember, Gwendolyn is nervous about an approaching fencing tournament, but there seems to be very little build up to the climax of her story at the end of the Chapter 1. Her problems are important to the story, and cutting short our window into that world was a letdown. It was functional, but lusterless. Visually, the tournament also felt like the result of budget and/or time concerns with no audience to be seen or heard. Additionally, there should probably have been more of an introduction to who Graham is for both newcomers and veterans of the series. Among other absent components, these are critical elements for the story to work better and they just aren’t there. Now, I understand that it is episodic and they didn’t have time to go in-depth with a lot of the characters. That’s the reality of the business. While everything I just suggested would have made the story work better, its current state is quite functional and provides plenty of laughs and tense moments. However, I hope that future episodes build out these characters, as well as the excellent supporting cast, from the basic introduction they were given in A Knight to Remember.
A Knight to remember feels like an imperfect, yet solid, entertaining, and endearing foundation on which the future chapters of King’s Quest can build. It is bright, vibrant, and holds deep respect for its roots while breaking into completely new territory for the series. It takes a lot of courage to take on a series with as much weight as King’s Quest after almost a decade of silence (not counting the fan remakes). For the first steps underneath immense expectations, time constraints, and budget, The Odd Gentlemen manage wonderfully. King’s Quest looks gorgeous, plays well, and really is something that brings a series stretching back 35 years into the present day in fine fashion. I’m looking forward to listening to the next story from King Graham.
King's Quest Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember is currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

It's time to reach into the past and pull out our lost June Episode. Recorded, but never released until now this episode is chock full of things from June. Sit back and relax, there are some surprises in there along with much vaguebooking. So very much vaguebooking.

In this month's podcast
Mike learns Gum etiquette. Rick breaks down all the community and Guild changes the team has been working on. Mike Talks about all the things coming up for Extra Life this summer. With much Vague booking. Rick, Mike and Jeromy can't figure out what to share and what not to share. Liz has the final word. Mostly. Note: A portion of this episode involves a "thing" happening in February. This is  Extra Life United 2016. There will not be an ELU in 2015. As our organization has moved the annual Momentum conference and celebration of our champions to February, we felt holding a stand alone Extra Life United wouldn't have the same impact. A large part of the success and impact of ELU was getting to meet the kids we play for. Taking that element away would have seriously diminished the event.
We'll share full details when we have them. We just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the change.

Download the file here. Extra Life Podcast: Ep. 06

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Do you have a strong opinion about the video game industry? How about a story you would like to share about how Extra Life has touched you or your family's lives? Well, we are excited to announce that we are opening up the floodgates to whatever type of written content you would like to submit. 
While we are open to submissions from anyone about (mostly) anything, there are going to be a few guidelines. At the bottom of this article, you'll find a link to our submission form. Please fill this out as completely as you can. We're requiring that everyone who wishes to submit community content provides a writing sample along with their content pitch. Writing samples can be about anything as long as they show off your mastery of the written language. As for what you can pitch, feel free to pitch anything, though you will probably have a better shot at being approved if you stick to topics related to Extra Life or gaming. We also want to avoid articles that retread ground we've covered in the past, so the more unique your idea, the better.
We'll review all submissions and get in contact with you if we feel that your pitch has sufficient merit. After that, we'll work with you to get your article on the site and share it with the Extra Life community.
To find our submission form, go to
Good luck and happy writing!
UPDATE: Many people have been wondering about any requirements for finished articles that we may have. Here are our tentative preferences after the first week of submissions:
- We are generally looking for meatier features. Consider 700 your minimum word count with 900+ being ideal. If you have a good reason to write something shorter (example: a collection of video game-inspired haikus) we're flexible.
- Your finished article should be submitted in Microsoft Word or a similar, compatible program such as Google Docs.
- Try to avoid being intentionally provocative, inflammatory, or disrespectful. That is not what Extra Life is about.
Also, as far as submissions are concerned, please be specific in your pitch about what topic you are interested in pursuing. Avoid saying "anything related to video games" as your topic, because that is about as unspecific as you can get.
Again, good luck and happy brainstorming/submitting!

As an avid video gamer, I'm always looking for more content to surround my games of choice. If I'm playing World of Warcraft, I want to be devouring a book on the genre. While I'm driving to work, I want to be engrossed in an audio book about my current game world. I've always been this way. I get obsessed with surrounding my real world with the fantasy world I like to play in during my leisure hours. I have a solid grasp on reality, so you don't have to worry about me getting after someone with a two-hander for cutting me off on the freeway. 
The recent reintroduction of the tabletop genre to the general masses has been catching my attention lately. I mean, it's really turning into a thing. Gamers are getting together in-person and online to delve into story lines directed by human dungeon masters hell-bent on creating a memorable fantasy experience. I, myself, have been dabbling with the games that surrounded my childhood. As an example, a group of friends from my local Extra Life Chapter and myself have been playing through a Dungeons & Dragons campaign over the past couple of months and I am ravenous for more. I am truly enjoying the time together with friends, crawling through dungeons in my favorite fantasy setting, D&D and the Forgotten Realms.
Staying true to my laurels as a lore nerd, I needed something to cull my cravings for the Dungeons & Dragons world. So, on a recommendation from my podcasting buddies at Team NIRD, I dove into an offering of Homeland: The Legend of Drizzt (Book 1) by R.A. Salvatore, narrated by Victor Bevine.
The book plunges you into the history of the mysterious Drow Elves, the dwellers of the under dark and inhabitants of the underground city of Menzoberranzan. The true nature of Drow society manifests as you are introduced to the various families and their struggle for dominance over the other leading houses. In the midst of the chaos, the main character of the story is born. Drizzt of House Do'urden, son of the Matron Malice is quickly recognized as an extraordinary child. His battle skills are honed as he begins training under the direction of Drow Master Swordsman Zaknafein Do'urden.

As the plot unfolds, you are taken on a journey of exploration, discovery, treachery and betrayal as the true nature of Drow society is laid out before you. One thing becomes very clear as the story unfolds. While many of the Drow (especially the females) display a chaotic-evil persona, Drizzt himself does not. Much of the main plot details Drizzt's struggle to discover who he is as a man and where he fits, if at all, in Drow society. Lies, deceit and a lust for power will surely unlock your love or disdain for the dark elven race, in true D&D fashion.
To sum up my feelings for the title, let's put it this way. The very second the end credits rolled on my audiobook, I fiendishly bought the next book in the series (Exile: The Legend of Drizzt (Book 2). The story is gripping and the narration by Victor Bevine is outstanding. So if you are a Dungeons & Dragons fan, or a tabletop player, or a fantasy fan, or a lore hound - or all of the above - I highly recommend this book. I'm sure the rest of the books in the series will be just as good, if not better, than the first. I, myself, can't wait to dive in.
This post was authored by Extra Life community member and the founder of MOG Nation Gaming, Mike "Kash" Liberto. Thank you very much, Mike!
Any other Extra Lifers out there with some writing skills and a good idea? Read our article about how to become a guest author and start submitting today!

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