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Jack Gardner
Players can revisit Dying Light's fictional city-state of Harran in the upcoming story-based expansion, this time gaining access to the countryside that surrounds the zombie-infested city. Protagonist Kyle Crane also returns, this time tasked with infiltrating a deranged cult that has set up shop in the zombified outback and appears to have a mysterious connection to the outbreak. Players will need to befriend the locals, acquiring missions and tasks to help the beleaguered residents. There isn't an established route to infiltrating the cult, leaving players to decide how they want to approach the group. The biggest addition to the parkour-focused zombie action title is dune buggies, customizable and upgradable vehicles that can quickly navigate the new map, which is bigger than the all the core game's areas combined.  
The trailer was announced by developer Techland along with a statement from producer Tymon Smektala:
No release date has been announced, though Techland has said that the expansion will be free for season pass holders and sell for $14.99 to those who haven't picked up the pass.
Are you ready to dive back into the world of Dying Light? Are you happy to see Kyle Crane return? 

Jack Gardner
Larian Studios today announced that they would indeed be making a sequel to the critically acclaimed Divinity: Original Sin as well as returning to Kickstarter. This might raise some eyebrows from the community, after all Divinity: Original Sin was a pretty successful release. Larian Studios' founder Swen Vincke took to the company's blog to address those concerns and lay out his hopes and dreams for the development of Divinity: Original Sin II:
He goes on to say much more and you can read Vincke's full statement on the Larian website. People who might be interested in backing the Kickstarter when it launches on August 26 can vote now on what they would like to see in the backer reward tiers. Personally, I am a bit on the fence about Kickstarter being the route to take on the heels of a successful game if all they're really after is more player feedback.
 A prototype of the game will be available for hands-on time at PAX Prime, along with some chances to win some cool swag if you stop by the booth. 
More information on Divinity: Original Sin II will be available when the Kickstarter launches later this month on the 26th.

Jack Gardner
Brigador is an isometric, fast-paced shooter that has players taking command of various mechs with two very simple goals: Destroy the orbital guns that protect the outer colony of Solo Nobre and then escape the city. When the game launches in Early Access this October, players will have access to 15 playable vehicles and 25 weapons with which they can rain destruction across the city and its defenders. Indie developer Stellar Jockeys plans to double the number of weapons and vehicles before Brigador exits Early Access. Players can also select pilots from any of the three warring factions, each one with unique advantages when it comes to facing down overwhelming odds. Each successful escape earns in-game currency that can be used to purchase new pilots, vehicles, and weapons. 
Each level is different and requires a shift in tactics. Do you go in guns blazing and level the entire city (which you can do in Brigador's destructible environments)? Or do you adopt a more refined approach and only take out what's absolutely necessary? The choice is up to the player.
Planning on going to PAX Prime? Brigador will be there, too! Anyone who stops by Stellar Jockeys' booth will be able to get some hands on with a demo build of the title. Players who can successfully complete the demo contract will even be given a free copy of the game.
Brigador releases on Steam Early Access October 20.

Jack Gardner
Pre-orders have gone live for PlayStation 4 owners. Those who pre-order Rock Band 4 will get access to ten select bonus songs for free. Rock Band 4 will be fully compatible with most wireless first or third-party controllers and microphones. Players will also have access to all of their previous Rock Band DLC song purchases in Rock Band 4. Project manager, Daniel Sussman stated, “We’re excited to be able to give fans who have already invested in Rock Band and other band games a chance to get new value from their hardware. We can’t wait to let fans start their own band and rock the world in Rock Band 4 this fall.” 
 You can find the full list of songs below.
Bonus songs include: 
All That Remains – “Divide” Blitz Kids – “Run For Cover” Bring Me The Horizon – “Throne” Dead Sara – “Mona Lisa” Duran Duran – “The Reflex” Janis Joplin – “Move Over” Of Mice & Men – “Would You Still Be There” Oh Honey – “Sugar, You” Pantera – “Cowboys From Hell (Live from Monsters In Moscow Festival)” Seasick Steve – “Summertime Boy” Rock Band 4 releases later this year on October 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Jack Gardner
Through a new movement system designed to be compatible with VR and scalable to varying physical environment sizes, a collection of former BioWare and Relic developers at Cloudhead Games have announced their solution to the nauseous feeling some people experience when interacting with virtual reality environments. The Blink VR system provides a combination of ways that players can navigate virtual space: Cinematic Blink, Precision Blink, and Volume Blink. They claim that their system will lead to a 100% nausea free experience for everyone. If true, this could represent a big win for VR which has run into hurdles when it comes to programming accurate movement that doesn't induce motion sickness. Cloudhead goes more in-depth on their system and its various benefits for VR development in the video they released alongside their announcement.   

In addition to the system they designed for in-game movement, Cloudhead Games also designed a system that can operate in standing room around a desk, a wide open living room space, or an airplane hanger. The system calibrates to a given area and reflects the boundaries in-game with unobtrusive markers designating the real world space players have to work with. The system also tackles smaller problems, like how to simplify VR controls or even what happens when a player walks into a wall.
Cloudhead also took the opportunity to announce that they will be revealing the first episode of their four episode debut game called The Gallery: Call of the Starseed at PAX, August 28-31.The title will be a full VR experience and be the first game to make use of Blink for its navigation. Call of the Starseed will be the first commercially available VR title when it launches alongside the HTC Vive VR headset sometime this holiday season.  

While the technology looks impressive, are you sold on its nausea reducing abilities? What about the first VR game of the modern VR gold rush? Does it make you want to buy day one or will you be holding off to see what happens?

Jack Gardner
If you were hoping for a new massively open world set on the continent of Tamriel any time soon, you might want to adjust your expectations. Dualshockers spoke recently with Pete Hines, Bethesda's VP of marketing, about The Elder Scrolls Online. When asked about a follow-up to Skyrim, Hines stated that he didn't think we would be seeing another single-player Elder Scrolls title "for a very long time." Instead, the company will be focusing all of its attention on DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 4's core game, DLC, and mod support. Once all of that is done we might hear about a new Elder Scrolls, but we could also always hear about a new IP.  
Fallout 4 is currently slated for release in November.

Jack Gardner
Less than a year after the release of Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard has begun teasing the next update to their flagship MMORPG. Legion will center around the return of the Burning Legion and their efforts to resurrect the dark titan Sargeras, Ravager of Worlds. Heroes from every corner of Azeroth will need to band together to thwart the invasion and their insidious goals. In order to do so, a journey must be undertaken to the fabled Broken Isles, a land of myth and cataclysm. There, players will have to obtain and wield artifacts from the dawn of the world the hold enough power to bring low the oncoming legion with the aid of Illiden the Betrayer.
Legion will offer a number of improvements and additions to the existing game. First, the level cap will be increased from 100 to 110. Players who want to jump right into the action can instantly boost one character to 100 if they wish. Second, and most excitingly for lore hounds, players will be able to play as a Demon Hunter for the first time in the MMO's history. The Demon Hunter uses speed and transformations to deliver powerful melee attacks and crippling damage. Demon Hunters also begin their adventures at higher levels than normal classes and have a unique starting experience separate from previous classes. The Broken Isles represent an entirely new continent full of adventures for players to explore. Legion will also introduce the Order Hall, a place where players can command NPC followers in your class' order to undertake missions. A new honor system for PvP in Arena and Battlegrounds will yield a slew of PvP-specific powers.
Artifact weapons will play a big role in both the story and mechanics of the new expansion. Each character that faces the Burning Legion will be given a class-specific legendary weapon that can be customized in depth. These weapons have been whispered about in the lore of Azeroth for millennia and when players wield them, they will grow in power, gaining perks, abilities, and visual enhancements.
With World of Warcraft subscriptions dropping recently, are the features Legion aims to introduce enough to entice you to return? 

Jack Gardner
The fifth RPG from developer Spiders, The Technomancer is slowly shaping up to be an promising sci-fi adventure to Mars. The trailer shows Zachariah, our protagonist and young technomancer, as he frantically attempts to contact Earth as the secret police charged with reining in rogue technomancers hunt him down. We see a nice variety of locations, from the barren desert-scape of the Mars surface, to the technological underbellies of massive cities. Spiders shows us strange, alien creatures and twisted mutants among these sights. It feels refreshing and new.   Throughout the last few years, Spiders has been getting closer and closer to the RPG they wanted to make when the studio was founded. For a long time they lacked the employees, the time, and the money to fully realize their dream game, taking slow, baby steps to achieve their long term goal. Two years ago Spiders released Mars: War Logs for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. War Logs was the first game set in the universe of that dream game. Though technically flawed and suffering from a painful lack of budget, War Logs had a lot of heart and a thoroughly interesting setting. The Technomancer returns to the world established in Mars: War Logs, expanding it and bringing it into a new generation of technology and two more years of development experience.  It is worth noting that The Technomancer is not a prequel or a sequel, though it takes place in the same universe and will have limited nods and crossovers with War Logs.   
  The Mars of The Technomancer is one far in the distant future, long after humanity has successfully colonized the new planet. While the initial colonoization and terraforming efforts proved to be wildly successful, a mysterious cataclysm eventually rocked the planet, turning the land into a near-barren desert-scape. Humanity survived, though many acquired genetic mutations from the new solar radiation that washed the surface of Mars. these mutants are frequently enslaved and treated as sub-human by the remaining citizens of Mars. However, most importantly, the cataclysm resulted in the loss of contact with Earth. Isolated on Mars, the two largest water drilling corporations formed separate nations and began a desperate war for control of limited water supplies. The two nations, Abundance and Aurora, gradually formed vastly different attitudes toward life on Mars. Structured more like a military, Abundance rules its citizens with an iron fist through propaganda and secret police. Aurora formed into a theocracy that venerates a small group of individuals known as technomancers. Technomancers are individuals born with the ability to channel and generate electricity, basically electrical Jedi. Technomancers are rare and must go through training to be formally inducted into their secretive order. The Technomancer begins at the end of Zachariah's training as he formally becomes one of the order and learns the secret that they are all sworn to keep. This secret is part of what makes Zachariah a target for the secret police that hunt him relentlessly as they search for a way to control the dangerous technomancers.   On his adventures, Zachariah will make his way through numerous hub cities and locations filled with NPCs with whom players can interact. Over 80 quests are scattered throughout the game, some of which are locked unless players have a certain companion character in their party. There are five total companions, only two of which can accompany Zachariah at any given time. These companions, like the hulking mutant Phobos, will open up new areas to explore and conversation options. They will also react to the alliances the player chooses to forge. There are six factions in the game like the army, mob, or the rebellion. Companions might join or leave the party depending on what factions the player chooses to aid.      I was given the opportunity to see the first mission in action. It picks up as Zachariah heads out to finish the final trial to become a technomancer in an old settler's dome that the first colonists lived in when they originally came to Mars. These sites are prized by bandits for the valuables they still contain and this one in particular houses the technomancers' most closely guarded secret. The trial involves protecting the dome from a group of bandits who have come to lay claim to the site. As Zachariah makes his way through the enemy camp, he can switch between three different fighting styles on the fly: the medium-speed staff, the quick and tricky blade and gun, or the lumbering shield and mace style. Each style has a core attack and alternate ability that can each be used in either a quick attack or a longer, more powerful strike. In addition to these, Zachariah has access to a number of technomancer abilities, the most basic of which empowers his weapons with electricity, significantly increasing their power or striking the ground to create an electrical shockwave. Players can also choose to be tricky, relying on stealth to backstab enemies and lay traps to use in battle.    As players progress through The Technomancer, they'll find different diagrams and upgrades that can be used for crafting. Every piece of equipment in the game can be improved and modified and those modifications will be reflected not just in the stats, but also in visual changes to the in-game models. Companion equipment can be upgraded as well.    As Zachariah finishes off the last of the bandits and enters the dome, it becomes clear that something... alien has made the dome its home. A number of spider-like enemies rush the player and it becomes clear that this was not part of the intended training. Bound By Flame fueled Spider's desire to include large, intimidating monster encounters and they've carried that over to The Technomancer. The first boss encounter, and the conclusion of my time seeing the game in action, revolved around a fight against what they called the Diggernaut, a gigantic, burrowing spider. An intense fight, full of crackling electricity and speedy spiderlings was a good way to give an idea of what else might be in store for players when The Technomancer releases.   I've been following Spiders' work since Mars: War Logs and while their games have all had some glaring flaws, I think they also have a lot of heart, originality, and effort behind them. I'm rooting for this to be the game that really takes their studio to the next level and shows what they can do with more resources and a clear vision.   Right now, The Technomancer is slated for release in 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.  

Jack Gardner
A new arena brawler from Kiz Studios has made its way exclusively onto the PlayStation 4. Trans-Galactic Tournament, a 4v4 multiplayer arena title, brings free-to-play MOBA action to the PS4. Players can download the title over PSN and get into the game's current roster of ten champions. In-game, champions can take advantage of over one hundred power-ups across six different arenas and three game modes. These game modes are described like so: "Plunderball is Capture-the-Flag meets Thunderdome. Conquest is a many-headed hydra mutation of King-of-the-Hill, where the challenge isn’t capturing control points, it’s keeping them - and Annihilation (our version of Deathmatch), well, champions have fists for a reason."
Unlike most of the popular MOBAs currently available, players don't level their characters while in-game. Instead, players customize their preferred champions outside the action and tailor them to their play style. Another feature that separates Trans-Galactic Tournament from the MOBA pack is the ability to jump over or through obstacles. You can even jump on top of enemies and use them as platforms to reach shortcuts.  

If you're worried about investing time in the beta only to have your progress in-game wiped away when the full game launches, Kiz Studios has your back. All progress made during the beta will carry over when Trans-Galactic Tournament launches later this summer. 

Jack Gardner
The livestream show will be over fifteen hours long this year, featuring dozens of indie games that span varying degrees of recognizability. Hosted by indie developer Robot Loves Kitty, the team behind Legend of Dungeon and the upcoming Upsilon Circuit, expect the show to have numerous special guest streamers, plenty of gameplay from new indie titles, prize giveaways, and possibly a few reveals. The showcase will begin at 8am PDT on August 8.
A few of the more prominent games that will be making an appearance: 
Jotun Wanderlust Adventures
Yomi’s Gate
Lost Orbit
Mushroom 11
Over a dozen other titles will be shown. For a full list of the games listed to make an appearance, check out the Supershow schedule.
An aftershow stream featuring even more indie games will be hosted by the Main Menu Twitch team.
You can tune into the stream on Robot Loves Kitty's Twitch channel.

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