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Year Walk Strolls onto Steam

Jack Gardner


The critically acclaimed iOS indie adventure title Year Walk by developer Simogo is now available on PC and Mac via Steam. Adventure game aficionados and fans of creepiness, rejoice! Year Walk thrusts players into a beautiful, disturbing world set in Sweden during the 1800s. The protagonist is on a vision quest through a dark wood to get a glimpse of the future. Mythical monsters, confounding brain teasers, and bizarre sights await.



The PC version boasts a few improvements over the mobile version. Some of the graphics have been overhauled and improved, new puzzles have been added, and a map now graces the game. Most importantly, the companion app that was meant to be downloaded and used along side the game to help work through the puzzles and decipher the myths and legends is now integrated directly into the game. 


Have any of you Extra Lifers out there played Year Walk? Planning on picking up the Steam version?

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