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Yacht Club Games Unveils Prequel to Shovel Knight

Jack Gardner



Shovel Knight released to critical acclaim and financial success in 2014, becoming one of the most noteworthy indie darlings of the year for its retro aesthetic, tight controls, and boppin' soundtrack (yeah, boppin' - I said it). The DLC campaign Plague of Shadows followed in 2015. The new campaign allowed players to take on the mantle of Plague Knight, one of Shovel Knight's antagonists. Yacht Club Games revealed their next game in that retro platforming world at The Game Awards 2016: Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment.


The new side-scrolling platformer has been created from the ground up to play differently than the original Shovel Knight. It follows the quest of Specter Knight to assemble the Order Of No Quarter, the league of knights who allied themselves with the evil Enchantress from the original Shovel Knight. Because Yacht Club Games started from scratch to create Specter of Torment, fans can expect to encounter new everything. The game will look different, sound different, and play different.   


While Shovel Knight was clearly a homage to Mega Man, Specter of Torment seems to be Mega Man-meets-Castlevania. Much of the gameplay seems based around movement and melee combat. The influence seems to extend to the soundtrack and visuals, too, which adopt more gothic, tones.



Players can expect to get their hands on Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment when it releases Spring 2017. Yacht Club Games is also planning to release a campaign focused around King Knight sometime after, though details on that are scarce. Like Plague of Shadows, both Specter of Torment and the campaign for King Knight will be free updates for those who have purchased the base Shovel Knight game. 

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