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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Expansion Coming This November

Jack Gardner



The expansion, titled XCOM: Enemy Within, drastically expands the roster of enemies and adds a new type of resource that can be used to purchase a wide variety of upgrades to aid against the extraterrestrial threat.


New missions, objectives, maps, etc. have also been added, many centered around the acquisition of Meld, a substance that can be used to augment your soldiers into either mechanical monstrosities or mutant warriors greatly enhancing their combat abilities. Meld canisters are always equipped with self-destruct timers meaning that missions will have critical time constraints where players will have to weigh the benefits of acquiring Meld against the risks of potentially placing your soldiers in harms way. Nearly 50 maps have been added as well as additional tweaks to existing maps.



XCOM: Enemy Within will release November 12 and retail for $29.99. More XCOM can never be a bad thing, right?

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