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XCOM 2's Explosive Retaliation Trailer Has Everything

Jack Gardner



The latest trailer for XCOM 2 has everything an XCOM fan could want. We are treated to flashbacks of a devious looking Thin Man. The new mobile base, a stolen alien spacecraft that will house the XCOM resistance, is shown in all of its flying glory. We see the sweeping forces of the indoctrinated Advent Coalition alongside enemies both old and new. Improved character animations and customization briefly hold the spotlight. New weapons, armor, and alien technology will have to be used to overcome the overwhelming alien threat. I'm sorry, am I drooling?


XCOM 2 releases February 5, 2016 for PC and Mac. While no console versions have been announced, 2K and Firaxis have not discarded the idea of the turn-based strategy title making its way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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