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XCOM 2 Expansion "War of the Chosen" Out This August

Joseph Knoop

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You thought the punishment was over, didn't you? Turns out everyone's favorite turn-based alien combat strategy game XCOM 2 is back this August with its "War of the Chosen" expansion.


War of the Chosen will introduce a ton of new content to XCOM, including new maps, enemies, and strategic options. Chief among these enemies are the Chosen, the "ultimate enemies" of the XCOM force and champions of the alien army. There's the stealthy cloaking assassin, the sniper rifle-touting Hunter, and the self-explanatory Warlock. Players will encounter each Chosen multiple times over the course of the new campaign, which details XCOM's efforts to recruit new human resistance forces to the fight against the alien threat. The Chosen will be able to learn procedural strategies to counter your favorite tactics as the game goes on, according to XCOM 2 designer Jake Solomon.



Humans won't be alone in their fight, as you'll be able to recruit three new factions of human resistance fighters. There's the Reavers, the half-alien, half-human hybrid Skirmishers, and the psionic wildling clan of Templars. The Skirmishers will have a mix of alien and human abilities to make them single-unit powerhouses, while the Templars can charge up their magic turn-by-turn for damaging attacks.


Both sides of the war for Earth will have to contend with the Lost, AKA the remnants of humanity that were mutated and twisted into zombie-like creatures as a result of the alien army's initial attacks. The Lost will act as a wildcard element in XCOM skirmishes, ditching tactical thinking for horde mentality, attacking both humans and aliens in large numbers.


XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is out on August 29, giving you just enough time to remember how painful losing your favorite squad captain to a stray laser bolt is.

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