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XCOM 2 Blasts onto Consoles Today

Jack Gardner



The reboot of XCOM from 2012 was released simultaneously for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. That set up certain expectations for the release of XCOM 2. However, When XCOM 2 released this past February console players were left scratching their heads by the fact that it launched exclusively for PC with no console versions even confirmed to be in the works. 


Since then, thankfully, console versions of the popular turn-based-strategy game were revealed. Copies of XCOM 2 are now available in stores and as downloadable titles for Xbox One and PS4. Now console players can experience the tense action of leading a ragtag resistance movement against alien occupation that might be up to more than it lets on.



Interested in learning more about XCOM 2? We reviewed the PC version back in February - check it out!

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