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Xbox Digital Sale 2017 Deals

Naomi N. Lugo

for honor sale.jpg


The Xbox Digital Sale gives its players the chance at their own summer sale. And from June 30 to July 10 AAA and indie titles will be up to 70 percent off or 80 percent for Xbox Live Gold members. In general, Gold members will save 10 percent more.


There are over 300 games in the sale and span both the Xbox One and 360. 


Some of the deals for the One include Mass Effect Andromeda at 40 and 50 percent, For Honor at 30 and 40 percent, Rocket League at 30 and 40 percent, The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt at 30 and 40 percent, Far Cry 4 at 50 and 60 percent, The Division at 50 and 60 percent, Fallout 4 at 35 and 45 percent, Final Fantasy XV at 30 and 40 percent and way more. Included in the games list are DLC as well as deluxe editions for games. 


See all of the deals here

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