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Wulver Blade Brings Co-op Brawling to the Switch

Jack Gardner



Looking for an entertaining arcade brawler to liven up your couch co-op sessions? Wulver Blade might just be the game for you.


The upcoming title from Darkwind Media and Fully Illustrated takes players back in time to 120AD. The legions of Rome have landed and subjugated the entire southern half of Britannia, but they aren't stopping. Rome has come to conquer, marching its armies ever northward. In particular, the Ninth Legion leads the advance; 5,000 battle-hardened shields and spears. The only line of defense? A scattering of tribes, divided by their own rivalries. Among them one man represents the only hope of halting the Roman advance: Caradoc.  


Wulver Blade represents actual history. People and places depicted in-game existed (and in the case of some of the locations, still exist to this day). While the story certainly takes some artistic liberties, many of the events really happened. The developers took this to heart and tried to make as many things as historically accurate as possible. They toured ancient battlegrounds and fortresses, even going so far as to get sound samples from the remnants of Roman forts and the streams and forests in the area.  


All of that effort melds into the familiar framework of a side-scrolling beat-em-up in the classic mold of Castle Crashers or Turtles in Time. Players will make their way through eight levels, all animated by hand. Each level features its own style and set piece moment to help it feel distinct and dramatic. Additional features can be unlocked to add replayability or alter the gameplay experience for more challenge. 



Wulver Blade will be a timed exclusive on the Nintendo Switch. It releases this September on the Switch and will be making its way to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC sometime later.

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