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World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. Recreated in Augmented Reality for Hololens

Naomi N. Lugo



The potential for the Hololens was recently showcased by a fan creation. Abhishek Singh recreated the infamous World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. using the Unity 3 engine and then tried it out in a very public location: Central Park in New York City.


Singh donned the very famous plumber's iconic outfit and a headset to walk the level in real life. 



Goombas and green pipes sprawled out on the trail. Although Singh walked around some of the articles, he still jumped for mushrooms, stomped Goombas and leaped over trippy looking gaps. When consuming the mushrooms, the world shrank in reaction. 


People in the area didn't seem too concerned about a real-life Mario hopping around. This could be viewed as a small experiment in augmented reality's impact in real life perhaps?


What retro games should be made in augmented reality? Would you play the Hololens in public?


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