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Wintergatan Performs Mega Man 2 on Homemade Modulin

Jack Gardner



Wintergatan made waves last year with a music video staring a handmade contraption that could be used to make music using a dizzying system of levers, instrument parts, and 2,000 marbles. The Swedish band consists of four members: Martin Molin, Evelina Hägglund, Marcus Sjöberg, and David Zandén.



The quartet works together on music and constructs art pieces/musical instruments. So far they only have one album to their name (self-titled from 2013) and their major claim to fame are those instruments. They released a second video showcasing an incredible DIY music box alongside a homemade device they have christened the modulin. 


Their latest video tackles Mega Man 2 with said modulin - a combination of violin and theramin in spectacular fashion. Check it out for yourself!



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Ok the MegaMan cover is definitely awesome and all, but HOLY MARBLE MACHINE, BATMAN! Thanks for introducing me to my new favorite thing. <3


Also I was looking up more info about it and stumbled across a minecraft cover. I'll just leave this here: 


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