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Wildbrew Looks Adorable

Jack Gardner



If you're looking for a break from more conventional game premises, the adorable Wildbrew might belong on your gaming radar. Players take on the role of a young herbalist who embarks on an adventure to reclaim a family heirloom that was stolen by a gigantic plant with plans of its own. Armed with a smiling, walking cauldron and a bevy of herbal knowledge from grandma, players must collect herbs and combine them to create solutions for the world's problems.  


Wildbrew is being developed under USC Games, one of the top university game design programs in the United States. This student-made title holds a heap of charm and a very strong core premise that could certainly carry an entire game in interesting ways. I didn't know I wanted a botany-infused adventure until I heard of Wildbrew.



The demo will release for Wildbrew tomorrow, and those looking to play it can find the first publicly available version of Wildbrew on the team's website. There's no official release date as of yet. 

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