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We Won't Be Hearing about The Elder Scrolls VI Any Time Soon

Jack Gardner


If you were hoping for a new massively open world set on the continent of Tamriel any time soon, you might want to adjust your expectations. Dualshockers spoke recently with Pete Hines, Bethesda's VP of marketing, about The Elder Scrolls Online. When asked about a follow-up to Skyrim, Hines stated that he didn't think we would be seeing another single-player Elder Scrolls title "for a very long time." Instead, the company will be focusing all of its attention on DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 4's core game, DLC, and mod support. Once all of that is done we might hear about a new Elder Scrolls, but we could also always hear about a new IP.  

Fallout 4 is currently slated for release in November.

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Disappointing new in my opinion.  I really enjoy ESO, but it is not the same as a single player Elder Scrolls game.  I am looking forward to Fallout 4 though.

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