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Watch This Guy Play Ocarina of Time with an Actual Ocarina

Jack Gardner



You read that title right. YouTuber/Twitch streamer MonotoneTim has managed to do the what no one has ever thought of doing with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and played through a large chunk of the N64 title with nothing more than a real life ocarina. To do this, he used a C# program that translates pitches into keyboard inputs (the title was emulated on PC). Since an ocarina can only play six distinct notes, one of the ocarina pitches was set to switch between three control schemes. With this set up, MonotoneTim was able to progress to the first boss of Ocarina of Time and confront Gohma, the spider queen, which you can watch below.



To watch the full stream in which MonotoneTim gets as far as possible in one ocarina blasting session, be sure to check out his YouTube channel.



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I've always wanted (to see) someone try a Mario, Sonic or Mega Man title...with a dance pad ;) 

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