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Violent Sol Worlds Kickstarter Launched by Studio with an Extra Life Connection

Jack Gardner



Afterthought Games, an indie game studio based in Michigan, recently launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming Violent Sol Worlds. The two-man indie studio is looking to raise $5,000 to complete development, with the goal of completing the title by December of this year.


Violent Sol Worlds is a top-down shooter where players are stranded on an alien world to send supplies back to the core worlds while surviving in the rough and tumble wilds. Players must scour the world for resources to craft defenses and upgrades while also shipping supplies home to get the support of the Aviro Corporation. 


At the heart of Violent Sol Worlds is an AI director to help make sure that there are always new events and stories happening around the procedurally generated world. This AI ensures that players will feel consistently challenged, avoiding that pesky feeling of power creep in the later stages of open world games that leads to action feeling more routine. Players will clash with alien monsters and sentient beings, some good, some bad, all at the whim of the AI director.


Players can find vehicles and use them to explore the world. Exploration will unveil stories of ancient alien races and previous settlers sent by Aviro Corp. While Aviro might not care much for its settlers, those who provide the company with enough resources gain access to its space station and 3D printing technologies to make new weapons and gear.  



Regardless of whether Violent Sol Worlds meets its modest goal, the developers have sworn that it will be finished. However, they can't guarantee that it will be finished by the end of December 2017 if they don't meet their $5,000 target. "This game is getting made one way or the other," Afterthought Games' statement reads, "it will just be better with your help. The only risk is that it could be delayed. We are shooting for a Christmas release, but as life happens delays are possible. We are pretty good about digging in and getting the job done in the time frame set in front of us, so we are not too worried about delays."


One of the really cool parts about Violent Sol Worlds lies in its connection to Extra Life. Phillip Brossia, one of Afterthought Games' co-founders, also volunteers as the Extra Life Guild president in Grand Rapids, Michigan and has been participating in Extra Life for the past four years. He shared Violent Sol Worlds in the forums and announced a plan to give 5% of the Kickstarter earnings to Extra Life!

I have been with Extra Life for 4 years now and I am the President of the Grand Rapids guild.  So this isn't spam.  


My little company Afterthought Games is going to be doing a Kickstarter campaign next week for a game we are making called Violent Sol Worlds.  We're not allowed to advertise it on the Kickstarter (which is ridiculous) but our plan is to give 5% of our earnings to Extra Life, 10% if we are funded in the first 24 hours.  

Violent Sol Worlds will be coming to PC (hopefully) later this year. Afterthought plans to launch the final game with modding in mind - players should be able to pick up Violent Sol Worlds and find it easy to mod, both for veteran modders and beginners alike. 

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