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Video Game History Documentary Now on Kickstarter

Jack Gardner



The documentary, World 1-1, aims to cover the origins of video games and to that end has lined up an impressive array of interviews. Now it just needs funding. 


Video games have the unique distinction, at least for now, of having many of the people who created the medium still alive. Jeanette Garcia and Daryl Rodriguez figure that now is the time for someone to catalog the origins of video games while those creators are still around and able to share their experiences. The result of their effort is World 1-1, the first in a series of documentaries about the history of video games.



World 1-1 tells the story of Atari, the business deals, the technological innovations, and the raging personalities that smashed together and formed video games as we know them, and how video games were almost lost forever. A selection from their Kickstarter page explains their approach:

#1 The business deals: A question that is often asked is whether video games are art. They definitely are, but they're also a business. In the creation of this industry, it was ultimately the businessmen and the deals they made that took video games out of the universities and out of the hands of the select few who had access to computers at the time. Engineers had the creativity, knowledge, and ingenuity, but their innovations had to make business sense. World 1-1 will look further into the business deals that got video games out of the garages of the elite and into everyone's home.

#2 The personalities of the pioneers: Atari exec Ray Kassar once called the game designers "high-strung prima donnas". While that's certainly one perspective and not true for all game designers, it's a testament that creative individuals are often perceived differently due to their intriguing personalities. This film will provide firsthand accounts from the game designers and explore who they really were and who they are today.

#3 The creations of the engineers: The innovations of the time were a break through in technology. The creators had the incredible technical challenge of making a video game without a microprocessor. The early companies developed the design of putting the games on external chips, which has remained the same until today. World 1-1 will highlight the legendary titles and the lesser-known games that were precursors to the games we play today.

In addition to their enthusiasm for the project, Garcia and Rodriguez have lined up interviews with a number of the video game industry's pioneers and prominent figures. These include: Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell, Activision co-founder David Crane, Adventure creator Warren Robinett, co-creator of Centipede Dona Bailey, creator of Night Driver Dave Shepperd, and Garry Kitchen a programmer for the original Donkey Kong. Other industry professionals are lending their talents such as, IGN's Colin Moriarty and Peer Schneider, video game personality Patrick Scott Patterson, and Rick Medina, owner of Arcade Odyssey.


The goal of the Kickstarter is to raise $15,000 to fund expenses such as travel and equipment costs. Currently, the project is sitting at $2,563 with 14 days until the Kickstarter is over. For more information, check out their Kickstarter page or Facebook.


Honestly, a someone with a huge interest in the history of video gaming, I would love to see something like this made. I think it is an interesting project and both Garcia and Rodriguez seem to have done their homework and lined up what could be some really amazing interviews. Many of these people won't be around for much longer and capturing their stories on film in an amazing opportunity. Contribute if you think World 1-1 is something worthwhile.

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