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Victorian Point-And-Click Horror Comes Alive in A Room Beyond

Joseph Knoop

a room beyond 970.jpg


If Victorian horror and old school adventure games (ala the original Alone in the Dark) sound pleasing, A Room Beyond might be up your alley -- even the dark and spooky one.


Previously released as an episodic and early access title, developer Rene Buhlig is now packaging the final product together on steam. The five original episodes are collected into one package, featuring classic point-and-click style gameplay. The story is ripped right out of an old Lovecraftian short story, with the player character awaking in a ritually decorated cave just outside a mysterious village that’s being hunted by an unseen threat from the woods.
Check out the trailer for the full release and let us know what the abyss says once you’re done staring. If we don't hear from you by June 13 when the game releases, we'll assume the abyss is staring back at you.

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