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UPDATE: Watch CD Projeckt's Summer Press Conference Right Here

Jack Gardner



CD Projeckt RED, the developer behind The Witcher series and Good Old Games, is kicking off E3 with an early press conference, which you can watch right here. The livestream begins at 11am Pacific (2pm Eastern). They're teasing more about The Witcher 3, a new trailer/in-game footage, and a big announcement for GOG.com. Maybe we'll hear something about Cyberpunk 2077?


You can watch the livestream of the press conference on thewitcher.com/stream, GOG.com/stream, or right here in the player below. 




The press conference is over. There were a number of bombshells dropped, so let's cover them for those of you who didn't have a chance to watch live.



    - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will release February 24th, 2015


    - The boxed versions of the game will contain a map, soundtrack, the official "Witcher Universe - The Compendium," stickers, and a protective sleeve


    - Collector's Editions will come with all of the goodies of the boxed game along with a 200 page art book, a Witcher medallion, a SteelBook box, inner and outer containment boxes, and an awesome 33x24x26cm, hand-painted, Polystoone statue of Geralt of Rivia slaying a griffin (there is a neat little marketing/making of video, as well)




    - Additionally, pre-orders will come with two priority beta keys for The Witcher Adventure Game, a digital board game for PC, Andorid, and iOS that will have both single and multiplayer modes (though the beta will only have multiplayer)


     - The press conference ended with CD Projeckt RED announcing that they would be launching a digital distribution platform called GOG Galaxy. Galaxy will have many of the same features as the Steam platform, minus DRM, any online requirement (unless your game happens to require online to function like an MMO or if you want to connect to update achievements and chat with friends), cross-play will allow players to game with friends who have bought their games on other platforms. The goal of the platform is to provide users with the most convenient and fair ways of playing their games while being completely optional. This could finally be some real competition for Steam. 



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