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Update: The Creator of Leisure Suit Larry Begins Selling His Collection of Memorabilia (Including the Source Code to Leisure Suit Larry)

Jack Gardner



Have you ever wanted to own the source code to Leisure Suit Larry? Well, you can for the low price of $2,225 (as of this writing). Al Lowe, one of the leading figures at Sierra On-Line, has begun putting his vast collection of game dev memorabilia up for auction on eBay and people are going wild over it. 


The legendary Al Lowe worked at Sierra Entertainment during they heyday of adventure gaming and took leading roles programming and creating music for games like King's Quest III, Space Quest, and became the guiding hand of the lovable loser Leisure Suit Larry's failure fraught quest for love.


The 72-year-old legend invited game collector YouTuber Metal Jesus Rocks into his home to help determine what might bring in some money and go to loving collections. According to Lowe, Sierra never bothered to keep backups of its code or even copies - so his collection of source code for the Leisure Suit Larry games, Kings Quest III, and more are the only copies that exist on the planet. 



Currently, there are four items up for auction, though there's a strong possibility that more could be on the way. So far, the source code for Leisure Suit Larry I and II are up for sale and are going for over $2K apiece. Lowe also put up the game that inspired Leisure Suit Larry, an obscure Sierra game called Softporn. Finally, interested parties can bid on a Christmas card from the Sierra offices. Of course, all of these items come on floppy disks, even the company Christmas card.


Keep an eye on the collection for more being added in the near future. 


UPDATE: Lowe has added two items to the offering, both extremely rare Apple II games that are likely some of the last of their kind.


The first is Dragon's Keep, the first game Al Lowe ever created. It comes from an age when games came in bags instead of boxes. He created the game out of his own home with the help of his wife and sold it out of his home before Sierra bought the rights (and began packaging it in boxes). If you can get it running, it's an adventure game about overcoming a dragon's keep. Currently, Dragon's Keep is going for $1,225.


The second item has attracted a great deal of attention. Bop-A-Bet is another incredibly rare game, one of only 200 in it's bagged form. The game helps teach kids the alphabet by having kids go through a maze while bopping letters in the correct alphabetical order and then bopping a bunch of punching bags after the round is over for additional points. The bid for this item is currently lounging at a cool $10,000 so... someone out there really wants this educational game from 1982. 


Finally, the bids for both of the Leisure Suit Larry source code bundles have each topped $10,000, too, putting them out of reach for many out there. The Christmas card and the game that inspired Leisure Suit Larry are both still within biddable reach for dedicated game history aficionados.  


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