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Undertale's Lead Artist Releases Escaped Chasm

Jack Gardner

Escaped Chasm Undertale (1).png


In an industry that likes to latch onto indie devs and hold them up as self-made creators who were able to create their piece of art all on their own, Toby Fox dominated headlines with the 2015 release of his critically acclaimed RPG Undertale. As is often the case with these narratives, Undertale was not created by Toby Fox in a vacuum. Undertale did, in fact, have a lead artist named Temmie Chang. Chang has now released a short, narrative game on itch.io called Escaped Chasm.


Escaped Chasm tells the story of a lonely girl who dreams of another world and an end to her isolation. It only takes about 15-20 minutes to complete a run through the game and there are "around 4 different endings" to discover according to the game's page on itch.io, meaning that to experience all of them will take a little over an hour. Temmie Chang created Escaped Chasm with RPGmaker, following in the footsteps of games like To The Moon and Star Stealing Prince.  


The story lives up to the emotional tone of the images and trailer advertised on Escaped Chasm's page. It's melancholy, knows exactly what it wants to be, and executes on its potential in interesting ways. Toby Fox himself pitched in to create the music heard throughout Escaped Chasm. Meanwhile the television music included in the game comes courtesy of James Roach, the composer known for his work on the Hiveswap game. 



With games built in RPGmaker, especially with the assistance of the people who helped make Undertale a reality, there's a chance that this isn't the last time we will be hearing from Temmie Chang or Escaped Chasm. Chang closes out her game's page by saying, "Thank you for stopping by!! I hope you like it!! I'll try to make more one day." We could be seeing a many more games come out of Undertale's team if the talents behind it all begin branching out to make their own personal projects and that's a freaking cool prospect.


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