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Ubisoft Announces Continuation of Spectacular Stunt Disasters in Trials Rising

Jack Gardner



Trials Rising takes the classic Trials formula and expands the courses around the world. Players should expect revamped and updated courses with plenty of opportunities for sick flips and competition. 

Antti Ilvessuo, creative director of Trials Rising, took the stage dressed as a Trials character in expert comedic fashion to talk a bit more at length about the arcade-y title. "In Trials Rising, we work with our players more than ever," Ilvessuo stated to the gathered press and fans. The statement, typical of E3 hyperbole, seems to be accurate. 


Ilvessuo brought out YouTuber Professor FatShady, a prominent figure in the online Trials community, to explain how Trials Rising demonstrates Ubisoft's commitment to its biggest fans. The professor made a name for himself after making videos about Trials for years. That attention put him on Ubisoft's radar, leading them to invite him to work with the development team to create all of the tutorial content for Trials Rising. He's not an isolated case, either. Some twenty community members have been involved in Trials Rising's development over the past two years.



A close beta will launch for Trials Rising later this fall, which interested fans can register for on the Trials website. Not only that, but the release window was revealed to be February 2019. Trials Rising will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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