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Trans-Galactic Tournament Begins Open Beta on PlayStation 4

Jack Gardner


A new arena brawler from Kiz Studios has made its way exclusively onto the PlayStation 4. Trans-Galactic Tournament, a 4v4 multiplayer arena title, brings free-to-play MOBA action to the PS4. Players can download the title over PSN and get into the game's current roster of ten champions. In-game, champions can take advantage of over one hundred power-ups across six different arenas and three game modes. These game modes are described like so: "Plunderball is Capture-the-Flag meets Thunderdome. Conquest is a many-headed hydra mutation of King-of-the-Hill, where the challenge isn’t capturing control points, it’s keeping them - and Annihilation (our version of Deathmatch), well, champions have fists for a reason."

Unlike most of the popular MOBAs currently available, players don't level their characters while in-game. Instead, players customize their preferred champions outside the action and tailor them to their play style. Another feature that separates Trans-Galactic Tournament from the MOBA pack is the ability to jump over or through obstacles. You can even jump on top of enemies and use them as platforms to reach shortcuts.  

If you're worried about investing time in the beta only to have your progress in-game wiped away when the full game launches, Kiz Studios has your back. All progress made during the beta will carry over when Trans-Galactic Tournament launches later this summer. 

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