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Total War: Rome II Expansion Drops This December

Jack Gardner


Sega has announced that a major expansion to Total War: Rome II, titled Caesar in Gaul, will be released December 12.


The expansion adds a fully fledged campaign that places players in the shoes (sandals?) of Caesar during the conquest of Gaul and Britannia. The campaign takes place between 56-51 BC in the region of Europe that is now modern France and a bit of southern England.

Because the real-world campaign took place over the course of five years, gameplay will be tweaked accordingly. Instead of each year being a turn, each year will be divided into 24 turns. Timing your attacks according to the season will take on more importance. In the core Rome II game, new factions will be unlocked including the Nervii, Boii, and the Galatians as well as new units.




Mike Simpson, the creative director of the Total War franchise, commented on the DLC and expansions that have hit the large-scale strategy title so far: “We’ve released a number of DLC packs and free content updates for ROME II, but this is our most substantial so far. We’ve always planned to focus more closely on some of the key conflicts of the ancient world, and Caesar’s war in Gaul is the ideal place to start. We’ve also improved the game considerably since launch, and that process continues as we move onto substantial feature and gameplay improvements.” Perhaps this means we can expect other famous campaigns to be added in the near future.


Caesar in Gaul will be available for download on December 12 for $14.99.

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