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Titanfall DLC Could Feature Players Fighting Giant Monsters

Jack Gardner



Titanfall, which released earlier this week, has proven to be so popular that speculation is already swirling around what type of content the DLC packs will bring to the table. According to Respawn's community manager, at least one might involve pitting players against alien creatures.


As part of its season pass, Titanfall will be receiving three DLC packs as well as bundles of free content. Alien animals appear in the current Titanfall maps and there are creatures featured in the collector's edition art book that never made it into the finished game, leading many fans to believe aliens could play a role in the upcoming DLC. When asked about monster-related DLC, Respawn community manager Abbie Heppe stated, "We are going to have maps added, and we’re trying to give players as much of a varied look at things as we can so that is definitely a possibility."


Heppe was also asked if new titans were planned for the future, to which she responded, "That’s a real big question. In order to [add a Titan] it takes so much balancing to make all the Titan abilities work with each other, and then against pilots. It’s a huge undertaking. Originally we just had the Atlas titans and then the team refused to add in the rest of the Titans until we were all sure that that one fitted perfectly with everything else in the game, so… I’m not announcing any new Titans right now!”


So, a maybe on aliens and a bit less likely on new titans, but I'd still be willing to bet money we'll see some new titans.


Which would you rather see: more robots or more aliens? Personally, I'm pro-robot!

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