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Titan Quest Receives Expansion a Decade After Release

Jack Gardner



Titan Quest released back in 2006, and an expansion titled Immortal Throne followed on its heels a year later. From that second expansion until now, over ten years have passed. Today, THQ Nordic announced that a second expansion has been stealth released for PC. 


The new adventure goes by the name of Titan Quest Ragnarök. Whereas the core game took players around the ancient world fighting mythical beasts and gods in Greece, Egypt, and China, Ragnarök adds a new Norse adventure developed by Pieces Interactive. It brings a new story act to the base game with a slew of new quests. Players will test their mettle against the Celts, the enigmatic Northmen, and the gods of Asgard itself. 


The expansion also sprinkles new features and secrets into the base game. More masteries help players optimize their playing style and offer more strategic flexibility. The new weapons add different ways to fight enemies and new gear brings a fresh look to Titan Quest. Most importantly, after more than a decade, players of Titan Quest will finally be able to wear pants! 

Ragnarök introduces graphical and performance improvements, too. New shaders and effects go a long way toward sprucing up the mythological action. Players will have access to better control customization, UI, and modding tools to create their own Titan Quest adventures. Oh, and ragdoll physics, because how else are you going to properly convey the power of Thor without sending everyone flying?



Ragnarök is not a standalone adventure and does require the recent version of Titan Quest, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, to function. 


Some of you might be asking yourselves, "why now?" After all, it is a bit weird that a publisher would go out of their way to fund the development of a game that's over a decade old. Perhaps this stealthy release becomes more understandable when looking at the sales of Titan Quest Anniversary Edition. The anniversary release aimed to celebrate the cult classic with a revamped and retooled version of Titan Quest and that was probably about all that it was expected to cash in on. However, it seems to have become something of a stealth hit, raking in over 1.6 million sales in the past year. I suspect that information funded the development of Ragnarök relatively quickly. 


So what do you think? Will you be picking up Titan Quest Ragnarök?

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