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Throw Everything in the Aptly Named Throw Anything

Jack Gardner



A new VR game releasing today that pits players against a horde of increasingly silly zombies. Your only weapons? Your bare hands and anything else that might possibly be thrown as a projectile. Players will have to defend themselves by throwing items at the encroaching zombie horde - hopefully driving them back from a variety of ridiculous locations.


In Throw Anything, players are able to grab items in their environment to appropriate them as thrown weapons. Of course, players might run short on throwables and might be forced to resort to breaking apart large items in their vicinity, or even use the NPCs around them in a pinch! 

The Early Access game launching on Steam today will include five levels for players to master. These levels are filled with zombies, four mid bosses, and five intimidating main bosses to overcome. 

Kalev Jung, the CEO of developer VisualLight released a statement saying, “Throw Anything is not for the faint of heart. Action tower defense takes on a whole new meaning in VR! Suddenly, the threat is right in front of you – and you need to be quick on your feet to avoid getting your face eaten.”



Throw Anything will be available for HTC Vive starting today via Steam Early Access with PSVR and Oculus Rift support coming later this year.

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