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This XCOM 2 Alien Is a Cake

Jack Gardner



Most game studios celebrate when they launch a new game. Successfully shipping a new title into the world represents a huge accomplishment. It's a real occasion that calls for a party treat. A party treat like cake! When the XCOM 2 dev team managed to ship their game, they decided to commission a spectacular cake in the shape of the skull alien made famous by the turn-based-strategy title's promotional material. The cake was no lie - at least not in this particular instance.




2K's UK division reminisced about the food art earlier today, sharing images of the cake along with a game-related pun. The cake (and the pun) are pretty impressive.



The cake was designed by Michelle Wibowo, a world renowned food artist and confectionery sculptor. The UK-based artist has won several medals in the Culinary Olympics, holds a degree in architecture, and has had her work on display in numerous museums. Wibowo drew upon her architectural background for the XCOM 2 cake, crafting 1500 human skulls out of sugar to adorn the outer surface of the food sculpture. And, yes, the entire creation, including its base, was edible.


Michelle Wibowo has also worked on a number of non-gaming related projects which I only bring up because I wanted to include this adorable picture of two corgis eating a dog-friendly cake shaped in the image of a giant corgi.



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