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This Experimental Tabletop Game Builds Worlds

Jack Gardner



Tabletop gaming can sometimes be seen as the older brother of video gaming that's more set in its ways. We hear quite a bit about how indie game developers are pushing the visual medium in new directions, but there are people out there doing the same in the tabletop space. One such pioneer is Everest Pipkin, an artist, creator of a multitude of neat things, and sometimes game developer. Yesterday, Pipkin announced their latest endeavor: To create a tabletop game about building a world.


In a series of tweets, the developer outlined the basic premise and goals of the game. Titled the ground itself, 2-6 players spend a few hours putting together a world and its history. It can be a fun thing to do on a whim or as part of a larger world building effort for a different tabletop like Dungeons & Dragons or Exalted or any other setting into which someone might struggle breathing life. Players make use of simple gaming tools like decks of cards, a coin, a common six-sided die, and paper to help navigate  the ground itself's systems. 




"Fundamentally, [the ground itself] is about the echoes and traces that are left behind events- whether those traces are physical, social, emotional, or almost invisible. it is about dialing into the stories that are held in the physical memory of one single place," said Pipkin as part of their initial announcement.


When exactly the ground itself might become available for people to experience remains a tricky question, though Pipkin has said they expect to release the game within the next month (maybe in time for the holidays?). The game is currently undergoing playtesting to work out the kinks, but this seems like just the thing an old-hand at world creation might want to try with some of their friends to form a fresh world full of new possibilities in the coming new year.


Keep an eye on Pipkin's Twitter or Patreon for the official release date.


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