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This Absurdly Cute Game Puts Players in Charge of a Day Spa for Marshmallows

Jack Gardner

Marshmallow Day Spa Game Jam.jpg


Have you ever wanted to run a day spa? No? What if I told you that your day spa could be run, operated, and patronized by adorable, smiling marshmallows? That's exactly the case with Marshmallow Day Spa, a new (and free!) game coming out of the Winter Jam 2019 game jam event hosted by 


Winter Jam 2019 had the theme of "hot chocolate" and the event received fifteen submissions. Teams had from January 4 at 1:59am CST until January 7 at 1:59am CST to come up with an original idea for a game based on the prompt and create a working version of that idea from scratch. Game jams always bring out the strangest and most creative ideas from developers by putting them under strict time constraints. Occasionally, this leads to some brilliant ideas for games that can be fleshed out in more detail later.


One of the stand outs from this year's Winter Jam event was Marshmallow Day Spa, a game that puts players in the marshy body of a mallow who just wants to run a great spa for its fellow mallows. Players have to run around the spa to see to the needs of their stressed out guests. To optimally take care of them, players need to create the perfectly warm hot chocolate hot tub for them to really let go of their anxiety. Don't forget to add the very necessary milk and toppings!



Marshmallow Day Spa was developed by Ryan Pocock, Jasmin Habezai-Fekri, Megan McCurdy, and Maeve Broadbin. Pocock handled the programming and general design of Marshmallow Day Spa with Habezai-Fekri crafting the environments and pitching in with the textures. McCurdy wore many hats, working as both a 3D and texture artist, rigging and animating the world, and designing the levels. Broadbin came up with the concept art and designed the user interface. 


Keep in mind that all of this game was, essentially, thrown together in three days - which is pretty freakin' incredible. It even has controller support if you don't want to use a keyboard to play. You can download and play Marshmallow Day Spa for free on 


Don't forget to sign up for Extra Life to help sick and injured kids in hospitals around the US and Canada by playing games!

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