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There's Some News about a Possible Upcoming Dragon Age Game

Naomi N. Lugo

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Ok, so we don't have any major information or any sort of timeframe, but we do have quotes. "It's no secret that we're doing something with Dragon Age," said Mike Laidlaw aka the Senior Creative Director for Dragon Age during a podcast called The 1099. He continued on to say, "I can't talk about what, but we're certainly involved in something."


Laidlaw was a guest on the podcast and the topics were creating "massive open worlds," his career and, of course, Dragon Age. "As I've jokingly said, I am the creative director for the Dragon Age franchise and they haven't fired me yet," said Laidlaw hinting at the viability of the next Dragon Age game.


The last game in the Dragon Age franchise was Inquisition which released in November 2014. Its release received positive critical reception and apparently sold very well


When do you think we'll get a new Dragon Age game? Do you think Bioware is focusing on the series?

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