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The Witcher 3 Expansion Hearts of Stone Gets Release Date

Jack Gardner


CD Projekt RED has pulled the covers off of Geralt of Rivia's next outing in the world of The Witcher 3. Titled Hearts of Stone, the massive expansion pits Geralt against Olgierd von Everec, an immortal turned butcherous bandit captain. The expansion adds new monsters and a bevy of tasks that range from heroic to strange. Hearts of Stone will also feature a new cast of characters and along with a new cast will be additional romance options. The developers have even added a new mechanic to the game in the form of Runewords that will each affect the combat system in bold and exciting new ways. More details have yet to be revealed regarding this new system.

CD Projekt promises over ten hours of additional content will be in Hearts of Stone. For those that bought the season pass for The Witcher 3, Hearts of Stone will be free, while those who held off on the pass will be looking at about $19.99. A limited boxed release of the expansion will hit retailers, too. This version includes the download code for Hearts of Stone, two decks of real-life gwent decks, and a manual explaining the rules of gwent. Those who ordered the season pass can purchase the gwent decks and manual for themselves through a special initiative set up by CD Projekt.  

Hearts of Stone will release for all platforms on October 13.

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