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The Walking Dead Returns with Season Three



The Walking Dead: Season Three is here with a seasoned Clementine. The innocent sweet pea of season one has aged into a hardened teenager. With the ever-present threat of walkers she embarks on a new journey.

Season Three introduces a new character, a man named Javier, who has managed to survive the horrifying world they call home. He will share the burden with Clem as players will play through the game controlling both charters.

Clem has also been through a lot since we left her at the end of Season Two,” stated Telltale, "depending on the paths players may have taken with her in the past, she may or may not be exactly the same person we knew back then.”

The choices from Season Two will not be in vain because it will effect how Clem reacts to situations in Season Three, and who you may or may not come across on your journey.

You can help Clementine in her grand struggle to survive this fall when the third series of Telltale's The Walking Dead begins.

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