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The Studio Behind PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Announces Steampunk MMO with Airship Combat

Jack Gardner



Bluehole Studios announced a new MMORPG today during the G-Star media showcase in Busan, South Korea. The upcoming MMO will be developed by Kakao Games, a subsidiary of Bluehole, as well as published by Bluehole, which made a name for itself with Tera and the stratospheric rise of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Their new title goes by the name Ascent: Infinite Realm (A:IR) and offers a world of fantasy mixed with steampunk with a heavy emphasis on vehicular combat. 


One of the selling points of A:IR definitely seems to be the ability players will have to board massive flying ships to traverse the world and wage war in the Realm vs. Realm combat, A:IR's take on PvP. Players can rely on their vessels or take to the ground in hulking fantasy mechs to continue an offensive or perhaps defend their territory using anti-aircraft weapons. In order to prevails, players will have to use cunning strategies and equipment like mines, hand-to-hand fighting (players can board enemy ships by using jet packs), or cannons. 


While the aerial combat and mechanical take on fantasy are clearly angled to be the main draw of A:IR, customization and building will also be a focus for the MMO. Each airship can be customized to change its type, color, appearance, and performance. Players will be able to construct bases to share with their friends, opening up different professions, like cooking or alchemy. Kakao Games hopes that allowing players to create quests, change game difficulty on the fly, and basically just giving players the flexibility to play how they want will allow players to have a good time regardless of where their interests lie within the scope of the MMO.  



Minsung Kim, CEO of Kakao Games gave a statement as part of the announcement saying, “All of us at Kakao Games are very proud to be able to work with the remarkable talent at Bluehole and bring their new AAA MMORPG to Western audiences. We are confident that we can localize their creative vision effectively and help make A:IR into a massive global success.”


Ascent: Infinite Realm will see a worldwide release, and people interested in checking out the upcoming beta test scheduled for the first half of 2018 can enter to win a spot by signing up for the A:IR newsletter on the official website. No official release date has been announced.

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