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The Sequel to Shadow of Mordor Forges a New Ring of Power

Jack Gardner



There was a bit of confusion over the weekend when Target was spotted dropping ball on the surprise announcement of the sneaky follow up to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. The leak contained everything from game bundles to the release date.


Warner Bros. officially announced the sequel to Shadow of Mordor today and confirmed basically everything in the Target leak was accurate. The second game, titled Middle-earth: Shadow of War, has been developed by the same team at Monolith Productions that crafted the first entry in the budding series. It continues the adventures of Talion, the lone ranger who swore vengeance for the death of his family in Shadow of Mordor. The trailer for Shadow of War seems to show Talion and his Elven wraith ally forging a new ring of power in the heart of Mount Doom itself as Sauron marshals his forces in earnest against the world of men. 



New enemies unique to the game are shown joining Sauron's ranks alongside favorites like the Nazgûl. And, yes, at the end of the trailer your eyes did not deceive you: That was indeed a fully armored Balrog of Morgoth ready for war. Not going to lie, I personally had a good nerd out over that moment.


Middle-earth: Shadow of War releases on August 22 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A gameplay demonstration has also been scheduled for March 8, so keep your eyes ready for that reveal.  

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