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The Retro Champ Is a Handheld that Plays NES and Famicom Cartridges

Jack Gardner

Retro Champ Handheld MyArcade.jpg


My Arcade has made a name for itself creating a line of nostalgia devices that play retro games in the form of tiny arcade machines. The company has now unveiled its upcoming line of micro arcades alongside a line of portable retro players. The most notable handheld of My Arcade's lineup is definitely the Retro Champ, a handheld console that can play both NES and Famicom games on the go as well as connect to a television to play retro games on a bigger screen. 


As part of their deluge of news, My Arcade announced a partnership with Taito Corporation, the developer of arcade cabinets perhaps best known for creating Space Invaders and Bubble Bobble. This heralds a number of micro and handheld arcade machines of classics like the aforementioned Bubble Bobble as well as Elevator Action and Don Doko Don. They have also renewed their partnership with Bandai Namco to release an updated series of micro cabinets and handheld arcades for Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, and Dig-Dug. 


The Retro Champ, unlike knock-off consoles or official micro consoles like the SNES Mini, plays the actual NES and imported Famicom cartridges with no games loaded onto it. The handheld boasts a 35-hour rechargable battery life, the option to purchase wireless controllers to use while on the couch when connecting the handheld to a television. The Retro Champ also comes with a kit to clean NES and Famicom cartridges, so users can have an alternative to blowing on their carts, a time-honored tradition that actually degrades them over time.  


The micro consoles and handhelds from My Arcade will be releasing throughout 2019 and the Retro Champ is expected to launch in June of this year. 


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