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The Quiet Man Punches His Way Into Our Hearts

Zak Wojnar

The Quiet Man Live Action Trailer.jpg


One of the biggest surprises at Square Enix's E3 showcase was a provocative new IP called The Quiet Man (presumably with no connection to the 1952 John Wayne romantic drama).


The trailer opened with a live-action segment showing off the picturesque scenery of Lower Manhattan, the heart of New York CIty. A lone, hooded figure carrying a paper bag walks into a dark alley where he encounters a trio of gaudily-dressed gang members. After they mouth off to him, he points to his ear, suggesting he is deaf and possiblly mute. As the two men approach the unnamed protagonist, the scene seamlessly transitions to what appears to be in-engine footage, and he beats them up while the tagline, Silence Rings Loudest.



Square Enix is promising more from The Quiet Man in August, and there's evidence to suggest that this trailer is heavily edited, a tease of a greater reveal yet to come. The Quiet Man confronts three men in the alley, but only fights two of them in the brief CGI sequence. However, the third figure can be briefly seen sprawled on the ground behind the silent hero when the camera first pans around to his feet. Perhaps, when the game is fully revealed later on, an extended version of this trailer will present itself.


The Quiet Man is a mysterious new game, and little is known about it. It appears to feature hand-to-hand combat it's set in New York City, and the lead character has beautiful hair, but it's too early to say anything more than that. Will the game feature live-action segments? Will it seamlessly switch between live-action cutscenes and high-adrenaline fighting gameplay? It's too early to say with any degree of certainty. Regardless, we're hyped to learn more about Square Enix's newest project.


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