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The Perfect Precision of The King's Bird


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A yearning to be free is a sentiment that all species share. To have the ability to choose how you live your life, and to master the skills needed to accomplish anything. The King's Bird by Serenity Forge embodies that concept as you dash and leap through the sky in this platformer where imagination and precision can take you anywhere.

"The King's Bird is this momentum-based platformer game inspired a lot by games like Dustforce and Journey,” said founder and CEO of Serenity Forge Zhenghua Yang. “There are a lot of precision platformers out there, but we wanted to create one that’s really aimed toward empowering players through gameplay mechanics. So in this game you can see how everything you’re doing is momentum driven.”

When the player comes in contact with any surface, regardless of its orientation, and holds the direction in a 45-degree angle they will receive a momentum boost that will continually build, enabling you to jump higher and soar further. A split second miscalculation can kill your momentum leading to your demise, or a back track to gain the power you need.

The extreme care that was put into the controls becomes apparent instantly. The sudden stops and boost in momentum are exhilarating as every twitch reaction you make in any direction affects your momentum. Understanding and using the terrain is key and when it all comes together you feel the ebb and flow of the mechanics.

“The game feature this a girl protagonist named Quill,” said Yang. “She is trapped in a kingdom ruled by a tyrant who has the cage on all his citizens. Eventually Quill finds a way to escape this kingdom and the tyrant’s tyranny. [She] joins this free world out there and explores this giant world full of wonders. Eventually she decides to band together with a bunch of new friends that she made to come back and tear down the barrier that the king had on the citizens. Only to find out there was a reason why that barrier and existed and it might not have been a good idea.”

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The King’s Bird features a silhouetted world that transitions from neverending dusk to a perpetual dawn with deep earth tones that create an atmosphere akin to running through a deep forest filled with danger and magic. Like the games that inspired it, The King's Bird's simple visuals come together to make a beautiful world.

You can expect to hear more about The King’s Bird in the coming months as it prepares to release on Steam for PC and Mac with the possibility of a console release in the future. Until then, keep chasing your freedom.

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