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The Nathan Fillion Uncharted Fan Film Is Really Fantastic and We Want More

Jack Gardner



For the past... wow, 11 years, people have been putting forward the name of wisecracking actor Nathan Fillion to be the motion picture face of the Uncharted series. Fillion, known for his roles as a freewheelin' space captain in Firefly and wealthy book author/crime solver in the long-running Castle series, frequently talked about wanting to take on the role, but did not land the part for the official film. Tom Holland is currently slated to play the role of Nathan Drake in the official upcoming film, which will serve as a prequel to the events of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.


However, that doesn't mean that Fillion has completely given up hope of staring as Drake. Earlier this week, a 15-minute fan film appeared on YouTube. Directed by Alan Ungar, the short stars Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake and Stephen Lang as Drake's long-time friend Sully. Drake, suspected of stealing an artifact from a mysterious, wealthy businessman quips his way through an interrogation scene - something that's all part of the plan to recover a clue to something bigger than he or Sully could have ever imagined. The short definitely feels like only part of a larger project, though it's probably too much to hope that we'll ever see a feature-length film that elaborates on this particular plot. If anything, this feels like a proof of concept for Fillion as a potential action star. Take a look below:



Look, all I can say is #MakeFillionNathan.

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