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The Minds Behind the Mortal Kombat Movies Are Making an Epic Sci-Fi Film Based on Tetris

Jack Gardner



Finally. The movie that we've all been waiting for is finally entering production. Who hasn't been kept awake in the wee hours of the morning dreaming about a science fiction adaptation of Tetris brought to the big screen by the same people who created 1995's cheesy fighting extravaganza, Mortal Kombat.



The film will be produced by Threshold Entertainment and executive produced with the help of The Tetris Company. “Everyone knows that Tetris is one of the best known, most beloved brands in the world,” said Threshold's Larry Kasanoff. “What everyone doesn’t know yet is this epic sci-fi story that we’re going to tell. That’s what’s really exciting.”


“What started as a simple, computer puzzle game 30 years ago, today is part of our global consciousness, connecting people of all ages and backgrounds and feeding our innate desire to create order out of chaos,” said Henk Rogers, MD of The Tetris Company. “We look forward to partnering with Threshold Entertainment to re-imagine that common experience and bring a spectacular new Tetris universe to the big screen for the first time. In this new universe, as you’ll soon find out, there’s much more to Tetris than simply clearing lines.”


There isn't much more information about the Tetris movie available at this time. A note on their website states that, "Threshold does not publish information on its films in development so as to prevent slimy little weasels from stealing – we mean, for reasons of creative integrity."


Look, I am all for giving whatever movie comes out of this pairing a fair shake. Maybe it will have some kind of Last Starfighter thing going on with aliens and video games and the fate of the galaxy. That could be pretty cool.On the other hand, this is the same company that had a hand in the creation of the abomination known as Food Fight!



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