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The Lost Kenku Dungeons and Dragons Adventure from Wizards of the Coast Benefits Extra Life

Jack Gardner



If you were watching the Wizards of the Coast Dungeons and Dragons livestream during Extra Life 2017 you might have noticed that they did a live on-shot of an adventure dubbed The Lost Kenku run by Shawn Wood. The adventure proved to be pretty popular, bringing in both donations and requests after the fact to publish the adventure notes. To that end, Wood went on to write and illustrate a full version of the flexible adventure to benefit Extra Life, much like The Tortle Package supplement that they released for the Tomb of Annihilation Adventure. 


The adventure sends players on a quest to find a Kenku thief (Kenku are strange, magpie-like bird people). It introduces the village of Weirding, a strange community nestled in the jungles of Chult. The village holds many secrets and perhaps one of those holds the key to finding that blasted Kenku.


You can watch the adventure being played in one session by the Dungeons and Dragons team during their Extra Life stream saved on YouTube. 



The adventure opens with a note from the author that touches on balance and how it can be tweaked for higher or lower level characters, but it ends with the following, "A special thanks to the wonderful donors of the Extra Life Charity and the Dungeons and Dragons Team. Together we can manage to do a little bit of good in this mind-flayer-run world."


If you're interested in spicing up your tabletop gaming, you can find The Lost Kenku on Unfortunately, it's not clear if it will make its way onto DnD Beyond, Wizards of the Coast's digital Dungeons and Dragons compendium and gameplay tool. 

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