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The Latest South Park Episode 'Franchise Prequel' Hints at The Fractured But Whole

Naomi N. Lugo

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After a couple of delays, it seems like it's finally safe to be excited for the release of South Park: The Fractured But Whole. And last night's latest entry into the core TV series season 21, episode 4 "Franchise Prequel " all but solidified the fact that yes, the new South Park game is indeed coming out in less than a week. 


The new episode aired October 11 and starts out with a superhero audition and evolves into commentary about Facebook. Innocent enough right? We've had episodes with the gang running around in superhero garb before, but there was more than just a subtle nod to the upcoming game at the end of the episode. In the final scene, there was a dialogue that will seem familiar to anyone who saw the E3 2016 trailer since its almost the exactly same (save a few edits). We see the group splitting up into two "franchises" creating the conflict for the game. 



With all of this in mind, Matt and Trey are probably giving us a hint to who at least one of the in-game villains will be, Mark Zuckerberg. Some background, in the episode some alarming pictures show up on Facebook of the Coon and Friends, thanks to Professor Chaos' ingenious and devious plan to slander them via the web. The parents of the SP universe, as competent as ever invite Mark Zuckerberg to the tiny mountain town to resolve things. Zuckerberg proves to be more trouble than he's worth (and has a weird dubbed voice?) and refuses to be "blocked" out of town. 


And if you needed any more evidence that the episode and game are indeed tied together, South Park tweeted this out in anticipation of the airing.

The game officially releases on Tuesday, October 17. It follows its 2014 predecessor South Park: The Stick of Truth. Both games feature RPG gameplay closely resembling the style of the show. 


Will you be playing The Fractured But Whole? How do you think gameplay will differ from The Stick of Truth?


Edited by Naomi N. Lugo

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