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The Largest EVE Online Space Battle Ever Took Place Yesterday

Jack Gardner



In what has been confirmed as the largest stellar war in the space-faring MMO’s history, over 4,000 players took to the stars to battle for honor, glory, spoils, and galactic influence.


Over the last two months, a war has been raging on the servers of EVE Online between the TEST Alliance and the forces of the CFC. This came to a head unexpectedly when the CFC decided to siege space station 6VDT-H in the Fountain system (leading many to dub this engagement The Battle of Fountain).  The engagement took days of planning and hours of preparation, both sides attempting to out-strategize the other. The actual battle required developer CCP, in god-like fashion, to slow down the passage of time in the EVE universe to maintain server stability. This caused the battle itself to last for over five hours. Over those grueling hours, over 2,900 ships were destroyed.


In the end, the CFC had better positioning, more troops, and emerged victorious.


Numerous sites have already covered the conflict quite well and in better detail, but this first-hand account of the conflict as told by a member of the CFC is very interesting and provides a great look within the cutthroat universe of EVE Online.

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