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The Free-to-Play MINImax Tinyverse Combines Lemmings with Tower Defense

Jack Gardner

MINImax Tinyverse Godhand.jpg


MINImax Tinyverse releases on Steam Early Access today offering players a unique competitive experience that manages to find its own creative niche. The game itself plays like a cross between a guided NPC puzzle game a la Lemmings, a dash of the tower defense mechanics seen in games like Kingdom Rush, and the competitive sensibilities of League of Legends


This strange and intriguing hybrid of game genres comes courtesy of O'ol Blue Inc. Up until this point O'ol Blue has only released games for iOS and Android (RPG Mighty Quest) and casual Facebook games (RPG Hunters League). The small South Korean studio's MINImax Tinyverse will be their first PC release.


MINImax Tinyverse pits two players against one another with the goal of conquering their opponent's towers. Players can capture enemy towers by using soldiers spawned by their base, mighty champions that can be picked up and dropped to various locations on the map, and fantastical miracles that can change the course of battle. Before battles, players can customize the build order of their troops, choose which miracles to bring into battle, and which champion will take up arms in their name. Once the fray begins the environment of the map becomes very important as players can direct the flow of their troops (or the enemy's) by placing barricades and ramps in an attempt to subvert their rival's strategy.



“We wanted to make a competitive PvP gameplay version of Lemmings when we began creating MINImax Tinyverse,” says Kim Nam Seok, O’ol Blue's CEO & executive producer. “Warcraft 3 also helped us to crystallize some game mechanics, and we were inspired by the gameplay simplicity in Clash of Clans, too.” It's gratifying to see that not everyone out there has forgotten Lemmings. Those old PC games were the best!


The premise of MINImax Tinyverse holds enough appeal to me as a novel concept that also happens to scratch some nostalgia itches that I went and downloaded it. It is, in fact, downloading as I write these words. Impressions will be coming in the next few days. In the meantime, if it sounds at all interesting, you can download the game on Steam for free to check it out for yourself. This is the kind of game that lives and dies based on the strength of its gameplay and the extent to which the microtransaction economy feels intrusive. 


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