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The Creators of Sniper Elite Reveal Co-Op Shooter Strange Brigade

Jack Gardner



Rebellion, the developers behind the successful Sniper Elite franchise, are trying their hand at something a little, dare I say... strange? They have pulled back the curtain on their newest game titled Strange Brigade, a third-person shooter for 1-4 players to tackle solo or co-op. We don't know much beyond those few facts and what's provided in the reveal trailer.



The shooter takes on the decidedly campy tone of a 1930s adventure serial. Players will be exploring a far flung corner of the British empire and come face to face with an otherworldly threat amidst the sprawling ruins of a once magnificent city. Zombies, colossal humanoid monstrosities, and even ancient gods all converge on the Strange Brigade to tear them limb from limb.


The one thing that strikes a dissonant cord for me in this trailer is the character design of the black woman. Her design is weirdly exotic and "othering" compared to her companion characters in the ensemble. Maybe the full game provides more context or perhaps I'm being overly critical of a game meant to be taken as a camp throwback, but it struck a sour note in a trailer that otherwise appeals to me.


Overall, Strange Brigade appears to possess a great deal of promise as a co-op shooter in a similar vein as the Left 4 Dead franchise. More details will be released next week at E3. At the moment, Strange Brigade is slated for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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