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The Binding of Isaac Creator Announces New Puzzle RPG

Jack Gardner



Edmund McMillen has revealed his next project to follow his smash indie hit, The Binding of Isaac. The next game will be called The Legend of Bum-Bo and McMillan describes it as a "turn-based puzzle RPG type thingy that's randomly generated." McMillen teased the new project on The Binding of Isaac blog and hinted that the two games might be connected. "But why is this on the Isaac blog!?" McMillan writes, "What does this have to do with Isaac!? When Isaac!? Isaac? Isaac! Why!? Well, I'm sure those questions will be answered in the coming months once we tease a bit more." 


McMillen will be working on The Legend of Bum-Bo along with programmer James Id and the two person audio team at Ridiculon. McMillen himself will be handling the writing, design, 2D art, and character design. It seems that this announcement comes with the sad news that Team Meat's previously announced game, Mew-Genics, a game about genetically altering cats, is now on hold indefinitely. The fate of McMillen's mobile game Super Meat Boy Forever and the possibility of a Super Meat Boy 2 are also up in the air, though not definitely on hold or cancelled. 



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